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Adesanmi, Pius, and Chris Dunton—“Everything Good Is Raining: Provisional Notes on the Nigerian Novel of the Third Generation” (introduction to special issue), 39.2: v–xii.

Bourderionnet, Olivier—“Displacement in French/Displacement of French: The Reggae and R’n’B of Tiken Jah Fakoly and Corneille,” 39.4: 14–23.

Brancata, Sabrina—“Afro-European Literature(s): A New Discursive Category?” 39.3: 1–13.

Bryce, Jane—“Half and Half Children? Third-Generation Women Writers and the New Nigerian Novel,” 39.2: 49–67.

Bryson, Devin—“The Submitted Body: Discursive and Masochistic Transformation of Masculinity in Simon Njami’s African Gigolo,” 39.4: 83–104.

Donadey, Anne—“African American and Francophone Postcolonial Memory: Octavia Butler’s Kindred and Assia Djebar’s La femme sans sépulture,” 39.3: 65–81.

Dunton, Chris—“Entropy and Energy: Lagos as City of Words,” 39.2: 68–78.

Edwin, Shirin—“Subverting Social Customs: The Representation of Food in Three West African Francophone Novels,” 39.3: 39–50.

Esonwanne, Uzoma—“Interviews with Amaka Igwe, Tunde Kelani, and Kenneth Nnebue,” 39.4: 24–39.

Eze, Emmanuel Chukwudi—“Language and Time in Postcolonial Experience,” 39.1: 24–47.

Frenkel, Ronit—“Performing Race, Reconsidering History: Achmat Dangor’s Recent Fiction,” 39.1: 149–65.

Götrick, Kakke—“Femi Osofisan’s Women of Owu—Paraphrase in Performance,” 39.3: 82–98.

Guèye, Khadidiatou—“Ethnocultural Voices and African Aesthetics in Trinh Minhha’s Reassemblage: From the Firelight to the Screen,” 39.3: 14–25.

Hawley, John C.—“Biafra as Heritage and Symbol: Adichie, Mbachu, and Iweala,” 39.2: 15–26.

Higginson, Pim—“Positively Popular: African Culture in the Mainstream” (introduction to special issue), 39.4: vii–x.

Higginson, Pim—“Tortured Bodies, Loved Bodies: Gendering African Popular Fiction,” 39.4: 133–46.

Hron, Madelaine—“Oran a-azu nwa: The Figure of the Child in Third-Generation Nigerian Novels,” 39.2: 27–48.

Jewsiewicki, Bogumil—“Residing in Kinshasa: Between Colonial Modernization and Globalization,” 39.4: 105–19.

Kalliney, Peter—“East African Literature and the Politics of Global Reading,” 39.1: 1–23.

Mabura, Lily—“Breaking Gods: An African Postcolonial Gothic Reading of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus and Half of a Yellow Sun,” 39.1: 203–22. [End Page 175]

McCormick, Robert H., Jr.—“Spero’s ‘Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay’: Maryse Condé’s The Last of the African Kings,” 39.3: 132–48.

Moudileno, Lydie—“The Troubling Popularity of West African Romance Novels,” 39.4: 120–32.

Murphy, David—“Birth of a Nation? The Origins of Senegalese Literature in French,” 39.1: 48–69.

Newell, Stephanie—“Dirty Whites: ‘Ruffian-Writing’ in Colonial West Africa,” 39.4: 1–13.

Nwankanma, Obi—“Metonymic Eruptions: Igbo Novelists, the Narrative of the Nation, and New Developments in the Contemporary Nigerian Novel,” 39.2: 1–14.

Odhiambo, Tom—”Kenyan Popular Fiction in England and the Melodramas of the Underdogs,” 39.4: 72–82.

Offenburger, Andrew—“Duplicity and Plagiarism in Zakes Mda’s The Heart of Redness,” 39.3: 164–99.

Okoye, Chukwuma—“Deep Stirring of the Unhomely: African Diaspora on Biyi Bandele’s The Street,” 39.2: 79–92.

Oscherwitz, Dayna—“Of Cowboys and Elephants: Africa, Globalization, and the Nouveau Western in Djibril Diop Mambety’s Hyenas,” 39.1: 223–38.

Oyelade, Remi-Raji, “Notes toward the Bibliography of Nigerian Women’s Poetry (1985–2006),” 39.1: 198–202.

Powell, Andrea—“Problematizing Polygyny in the Historical Novels of Chinua Achebe: The Role of the Western Feminist Scholar,” 39.1: 166–84.

Rabbitt, Kara M.—“The Geography of Identity in Suzanne Césaire’s ‘Le grand camouflage,’” 39.3: 121–31.

Rastogi, Pallavi—“Citizen Other: Islamic Indianness and the Implosion of Racial Harmony in Postapartheid South Africa,” 39.1: 107–24.

Redfield, James Adam—“Cultural Identity from habitus to au-delà: Leïla Sebbar Encounters Her Algerian Father,” 39.3: 51–64.

Rosenberg, Aaron—“Making the Case for Popular Songs in East Africa: Samba Mapangala and Shaaban Robert,” 39.3: 99–120.

Sougou, Omar—“Transformational Narratives: Hearing/Reading Selected Senegalese Folktales by Young Women,” 39.3: 26–38.

Stobie, Cheryl—“Fissures in Apartheid’s ‘Eden’: Representations of Bisexuality in The Smell of Apples by Mark Behr,” 39.1...


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