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Demography, volume 45. numbers 1–4

Alho, Juha M. Migration, Fertility, and Aging in Stable Populations 641–650

Andrzejewski, Catherine. See Michael J. White 803–816

Bischoff, Kendra. See Sean F. Reardon 489–514

Boyle, Paul J., Hill Kulu, Thomas Cooke, Vernon Gayle, and Clara H. Mulder. Moving and Union Dissolution 209–222

Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne. See Marcia J. Carlson 461–488

Cai, Yong. An Assessment of China’s Fertility Level Using the Variable-r Method 271–281

Carlson, Marcia J., Sara S. McLanahan, and Jeanne Brooks-Gunn. Coparenting and Nonresident Fathers’ Involvement With Young Children After a Nonmarital Birth 461–488

Carpenter, Christopher and Gary J. Gates. Gay and Lesbian Partnership: Evidence From California 573–590

Chen, Wen-Hao and Miles Corak. Child Poverty and Changes in Child Poverty 537–553

Christakis, Nicholas A. See Felix Elwert 851–873

Clark, William A.V. Reexamining the Moving to Opportunity Study and Its Contribution to Changing the Distribution of Poverty and Ethnic Concentration 515–535

Cooke, Thomas. See Paul J. Boyle 209–222

Corak, Miles. See Wen-Hao Chen 537–553

Desai, Sonalde and Veena Kulkarni. Changing Educational Inequalities in India in the Context of Affirmative Action 245–270

Duncan, Greg J. When to Promote, and When to Avoid, a Population Perspective 763–784

Edmeades, Jeffrey. The Legacies of Context: Past and Present Influences on Contraceptive Choice in Nang Rong, Thailand 283–302

Elwert, Felix and Nicholas A. Christakis. Wives and Ex-wives: A New Test for Homogamy Bias in the Widowhood Effect 851–873

Farkas, George. See Matthew Hall 619–639

Farrell, Chad R. See Sean F. Reardon 489–514

Firebaugh, Glenn. See Sean F. Reardon 489–514

Fortson, Jane G. The Gradient in Sub-Saharan Africa: Socioeconomic Status and HIV/AIDS 303–322

Frederick, Carl B. and Robert M. Hauser. Have We Put an End to Social Promotion? Changes in School Progress Among Children Aged 6 to 17 From 1972 to 2005 719–740

Garip, Filiz. Social Capital and Migration: How Do Similar Resources Lead to Divergent Outcomes? 591–617

Gates, Gary J. See Christopher Carpenter 573–590

Gayle, Vernon. See Paul J. Boyle 209–222

Gennetian, Lisa A., Leonard M. Lopoo, and Andrew S. London. Maternal Work Hours and Adolescents’ School Outcomes Among Low-Income Families in Four Urban Counties 31–53

Glied, Sherry and Adriana Lleras-Muney. Technological Innovation and Inequality in Health 741–761 [End Page 931]

Guest, Avery M. See Michael R. Haines 345–361

Guldi, Melanie. Fertility Effects of Abortion and Birth Control Pill Access for Minors 817–827

Haines, Michael R. and Avery M. Guest. Fertility in New York State in the Pre–Civil War Era 345–361

Hall, Matthew and George Farkas. Does Human Capital Raise Earnings for Immigrants in the Low-Skill Labor Market? 619–639

Halpern-Manners, Andrew. See Carolyn A. Liebler143–155

Harknett, Kristen. Mate Availability and Unmarried Parent Relationships 555–571

Hauser, Robert M. See Carl B. Frederick 719–740

Hayford, Sarah R. and S. Philip Morgan. The Quality of Retrospective Data on Cohabitation 129–141

Heuveline, Patrick and Matthew Weinshenker. The International Child Poverty Gap: Does Demography Matter? 173–191

Horiuchi, Shiro, John R. Wilmoth, and Scott D. Pletcher. A Decomposition Method Based on a Model of Continuous Change 785–801

Iceland, John and Melissa Scopilliti. Immigrant Residential Segregation in U.S. Metropolitan Areas, 1990–2000 79–94

Kirk, David S. The Neighborhood Context of Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Arrest 55–77

Knight, Rodney. See Michael J. White 803–816

Koo, Helen P. See Tzy-Mey Kuo 157–171

Kulkarni, Veena. See Sonalde Desai 245–270

Kulu, Hill. See Paul J. Boyle 209–222

Kuo, Tzy-Mey, C. M. Suchindran, and Helen P. Koo. The Multistate Life Table Method: An Application to Contraceptive Switching Behavior 157–171

Lee, Barrett A. See Sean F. Reardon 489–514

Lhila, Aparna and Kosali I. Simon. Prenatal Health Investment Decisions: Does the Child’s Sex Matter? 885–905

Li, Hongbin, Junsen Zhang, and Yi Zhu. The Quantity-Quality Trade-Off of Children in a Developing Country: Identification Using Chinese Twins 223–243

Li, Jui-Chung Allen and Lawrence L. Wu. No Trend in the Intergenerational Transmission of Divorce...


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