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The entries in this index relate to Volume 3, Issues 1–2.

Azonyi, Gyorgy E. John Dee's Occultism: Magical Exaltation Through Powerful Signs, 109-12
Bailey, Michael D. Magic and Superstition in Europe: A Concise History from Antiquity to the Present, 207-10
Barry, Jonathan and Davies, Owen, eds. Witchcrraft Historiography, 81-85
Berger, Helen A. and Ezzy, Douglas. Teenage Witches: Magical Youth and the Search for the Self, 210-11
Boudet, Jean-Patrice. Entre science it nigromance: Astrologies, divination et magie dans l'Occident medieval (XIIe-IVe siècle), 211-15
Davies, Owen. See Barry, Jonathan
Dillinger, Johannes. Hexen and Magie: Eine hitorische Einführung, 215-18
Ezzy, Douglas. See Berger, Helen A.
Ferber, Sarah. Demonic Possession and Exorcism in Early Modern France, 85-88
Godbeer, Richard. Escaping Salem: The Other Witch Hunt of 1692, 88-91
Halverson, James L. Contesting Christendom: Readings in Medieval Religion and Culture, 91-93
Harper, Margaret Mills. Wisdom of Two: The Spiritual and Literary Collaboration of George and W. B. Yeats, 93-96
Kahlos, Maijastina. Debate and Dialogue: Christian and Pagan Cultures, 96-98
Klaniczay, Gábor and Pócs, Éva, in collaboration with Csonka-Takács, Eszter. Christian Demonology and Popular Mythology, 99-101
Mangan, Michael. Performing Dark Arts: A Cultural History of Conjuring, 218-20
Midelfort, H. C. Erik. Exorcism and Enlightenment: Johann Joseph Gassner and the Demons of Eighteenth-Century Germany, 220-23
Nicolini, Beatrice. Studies in Witchcraft, Magic, War and Peace in Africa: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, 223-25
Rödlach, Alexander. Witches, Westerners, and HIV: AIDS and Cultures of Blame in Africa, 101-4
Ryan, W. F. Russian Magic at the British Library: Books, Manuscripts, Scholars, Travelers, 226-27
Savage-Smith, Emilie. Magic and Divination in Early Islam, 104-9
Sluhovsky, Moshe. Believe Not Every Spirit: Possession, Mysticism, and Discernment in Early Modern Catholicism, 227-30
Swan, Claudia. Art, Science, and Witchcraft in Early Modern Holland: Jacques de Gheyn II (1565-1629), 230-32
Szonyi. György E. John Dee's Occultism: Magical Exaltation Through Powerful Signs, 109-112
Wiesner, Merry E. Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe, 112-15
Wilby, Emma. Cunning Folk and Familiar Spirits: Shamanistic Visionary Traditions in Early Modern British Witchcraft and Magic, 115-17
Wünsch, Thomas. Religion und Magie in Ostmitteleuropa: Spielräume theologischer Normierungsprozesse in Spätmittelalter und Früher Neuzeit, 233-36 [End Page 245]


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