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  • Significant University Press Titles for Undergraduates, 2007–2008
  • Rebecca Ann Bartlett and Tom Radko

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Akron (

Congress and the U.S.-China Relationship, 1949-1979, by Guangqiu Xu. Oct. 2007. ISBN 9781931968393, $59.95
Courting Failure: Women and Law in Twentieth-Century Literature, by Heidi Slettedahl Macpherson. Oct. 2007. ISBN 9781931968478, $52.95; ISBN 9781931968485 pbk, $24.95
Portraits of Power: Ohio and National Politics, 1964-2004, by Abe Zaidan with John C. Green. Apr. 2007. ISBN 9781931968454, $49.95; ISBN 9781931968461 pbk, $24.95

Alabama (

The Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia, by Rosemary Clark Whitlock. Aug. 2008. ISBN 9780817354886, $24.95
Survival Pending Revolution, by Paul Alkebulan. Sep. 2007. ISBN 9780817315498, $28.95
We Are All Americans, Pure and Simple: Theodore Roosevelt and the Myth of Americanism, by Leroy G. Dorsey. Nov. 2007. ISBN 9780817315924, $32.50

Alaska (

Alaska Native Art: Tradition, Innovation, Continuity, by Susan W. Fair. Jul. 2007. ISBN 9781889963822 pbk, $32.95 [End Page 40]
Climate of Alaska, by Martha Shulski and Gerd Wendler. Dec. 2007. ISBN 9781602230071 pbk, $21.95
Words of the Real People: Alaska Native Literature in Translation, ed. by Ann Fienup-Riordan and Lawrence D. Kaplan. Aug. 2007. ISBN 9781602230040 pbk, $21.95

Alberta (

The Algal Bowl: Overfertilization of the World's Freshwaters and Estuaries, by David W. Schindler and John R. Vallentyne. Jun. 2008. ISBN 9780888644848 pbk, $34.95
The Importance of Being Monogamous: Marriage and Nation Building in Western Canada to 1915, by Sarah Carter. Apr. 2008. ISBN 9780888644909 pbk, $34.95
A Son of the Fur Trade: The Memoirs of Johnny Grant, by John Francis Grant; ed. by Gerhard J. Ens. Jun. 2008. ISBN 9780888644916 pbk, $34.95

Arizona (

Arab/American: Landscape, Culture, and Cuisine in Two Great Deserts, by Gary Paul Nabhan. Mar. 2008. ISBN 9780816526581, $40.00; ISBN 9780816526598 pbk, $17.95
How It Is: The Native American Philosophy of V.F. Cordova, ed. by Kathleen Dean Moore et al. Dec. 2007. ISBN 9780816526482, $45.00; ISBN 9780816526499 pbk, $19.95
Massacre at Camp Grant: Forgetting and Remembering Apache History, by Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh. May 2007. ISBN 9780816525843, $40.00; ISBN 9780816525850 pbk, $17.95

Arkansas (

The Blood of Abraham: Insights into the Middle East, 3rd. ed., by Jimmy Carter. Oct. 2007. ISBN 1557282934 pbk, $21.95
Inclined to Speak: An Anthology of Contemporary Arab American Poetry, ed. by Hayan Charara. Apr. 2008. ISBN 1557288674 pbk, $24.95 [End Page 41]
Up against the Wall: Violence in the Making and Unmaking of the Black, by Curtis Austin. Feb. 2008. ISBN 1557288275 pbk, $19.95

British Columbia (

From World Order to Global Disorder: States, Markets, and Dissent, by Dorval Brunelle. Jan. 2008. ISBN 9780774813617, $29.95
Multicultural Education Policies in Canada and the United States, ed. by Reva Joshee and Lauri Johnson. Jan. 2008. ISBN 9780774813266, $32.95
Reaction and Resistance: Feminism, Law, and Social Change, ed. by Dorothy E. Chunn, Susan B. Boyd, and Hester Lessard. Aug. 2008. ISBN 9780774814119, $32.95

California (

Gertrude Stein: Selections, ed. by Joan Retallack. Apr. 2008. ISBN 9780520224599, $50.00; ISBN 9780520248069 pbk, $19.95
Global Outlaws: Crime, Money, and Power in the Contemporary World, by Carolyn Nordstrom. Jun. 2007. ISBN 9780520250956, $55.00; ISBN 9780520250963 pbk, $21.95
The History of Terrorism: From Antiquity to al Qaeda, ed. by Gérard Chaliand and Arnaud Blin. Aug. 2007. ISBN 9780520245334, $60.00; ISBN 9780520247093 pbk, $24.95

Cambridge (

The Cambridge Companion to Toni Morrison, ed. by Justine Tally. Oct. 2007. ISBN 9780521861113, $85.00; ISBN 9780521678322 pbk, $24.99
The Cambridge Introduction to Narrative, by H. Porter Abbott. Apr. 2008. ISBN 9780521715157 pbk, $24.99
When Things Fall Apart: State Failure in Late-Century Africa, by Robert H. Bates. Mar. 2008. ISBN 9780521715256 pbk, $19.99 [End Page 42]

Catholic University of America (

Letters of Peter Abelard, beyond the Personal, tr. by Jan Ziolkowski. Dec. 2007. ISBN 9780813215051, $29.95
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