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I ND EX TO VO LU ME 69 ALTER, STEPHEN G., on Charles Darwin and theistic design, 441–65 ANDERSON, MARGARET, on virtue and The Vicar of Wakefield , 419–39 Ascham, Roger, see Stark Ashmole, Elias, see Janacek Bacon, Francis, see Merchant; see Park; see Vickers BEHRENT, MICHAEL C., on religion and association in nineteenth -century French political thought, 219–43 BELLHOUSE, DAVID, on Pierre Rémond de Montmort, Abraham de Moivre, and probability theory, 559–81 Berlin, Isaiah, see Norton Blondel, Maurice, see English Bruni, Leonardo, see Ianziti Buchez, Philippe-Joseph-Benjamin, see Behrent Burke, Edmund, see Sarafianos CARTER, STEPHEN G., on Christopher Dawson and Jacques Maritain, 93–115 Codex de la Cruz Badiano, see Gimmel COTKIN, GEORGE, on history and the moral turn, 293–315; response to Jumonville, Livingston , O’Brien, and Perry, 493–97 Darwin, Charles, see Alter; see Day Dawson, Christopher, see Carter DAY, MATTHEW, on Charles Darwin, 49–70 689 DEVUN, LEAH, on science and sex difference in premodern Europe, 193–218 DODSWORTH, F. M., on the idea of police in late eighteenthcentury England, 583–604 Durkheim, Emile, see Behrent ENGLISH, ADAM C., on Maurice Blondel and the sciences, 269–92 fear, in ancient political thought, see Kapust GIMMEL, MILLIE, on the Codex de la Cruz Badiano, 169–92 GODART, GERARD CLINTON, on philosophy and religion in late nineteenth-century Japan, 71–91 GORDON, PETER E., on Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age, 647–73 GUILLEMIN, ANNA, on Aby Warburg, Karl Vossler, Hermann Osthoff, and linguistics, 605–26 Guyau, Jean-Marie, see Behrent HAMERTON, KATHARINE J., on Nicolas Malebranche and the origins of sensitive taste, 533–58 Hermaphrodite, in premodern Europe , see DeVun IANZITI, GARY, on Leonard Bruni and the Medici, 1–22 JANACEK, BRUCE, on Elias Ashmole and alchemy, 395–417 Japanese philosophy, Meiji era, see Godart JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF IDEAS ✦ OCTOBER 2008 JUMONVILLE, NEIL, on George Cotkin, history, and the moral turn, 317–22 KAPUST, DANIEL, on ancient uses of political fear, 353–73 KELLEY, DONALD R., obituary for Joseph M. Levine, 499–500 Leroux, Pierre, see Behrent Levine, Joseph M., see Kelley LIVINGSTON, JAMES, on George Cotkin, history, and the moral turn, 327–31 Malebranche, Nicolas, see Hamerton MANCINI, MATTHEW J., on the American reception of Tocqueville ’s Democracy in America, 245–68 Maritain, Jacques, see Carter Maxwell, James Clerk, see Stanley Medici family, see Ianziti MERCHANT, CAROLYN, on Francis Bacon and feminist historiography, 147–62 Milton, John, see Myers de Moivre, Abraham, see Bellhouse de Montmort, Pierre Rémond, see Bellhouse Morality and history, see Cotkin; see Jumonville; see Livingston; see O’Brien; see Perry MYERS, BENJAMIN, on John Milton, heresy, and toleration, 375–93 690 NORTON, ROBERT E., on Isaiah Berlin, 339–47 O’BRIEN, MICHAEL, on George Cotkin, history, and the moral turn, 323–26 Ørsted, H. C., see Wilson Osthoff, Hermann, see Guillemin PARK, KATHARINE, on Francis Bacon and feminist historiography , 143–46 PERRY, LEWIS, on George Cotkin , history, and the moral turn, 333–37 police, in late eighteenth-century England, see Dodsworth SARAFIANOS, ARIS, on Edmund Burke, medicine, and art, 23–48 STANLEY, MATTHEW, on James Clerk Maxwell, science, and free will, 467–91 STARK, RYAN J., on Roger Ascham’s The Schoolmaster, 517–32 Taylor, Charles, see Gordon Tocqueville, Alexis de, see Mancini Vicar of Wakefield, The, see Anderson VICKERS, BRIAN, on Francis Bacon and feminist historiography , 117–41 Vossler, Karl, see Guillemin Warburg, Aby, see Guillemin WILSON, ANDREW D., on H. C. Ørsted and his concept of ‘‘force,’’ 627–46 ...


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