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Contents of Volume 105 Arch, Jennifer. The Boethian Testament of Love 448 DeCook, Travis. The Ark and Immediate Revelation in Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis 103 Edwards, A. S. G. A Verse Chronicle of the House of Percy 226 Farber, Annika. Usurping “Chaucers dreame”: Book of the Duchess and the Apocryphal Isle of Ladies 207 Herron, Thomas. Reforming the Fox: Spenser’s “Mother Hubberds Tale,” the Beast Fables of Barnabe Riche, and Adam Loftus, Archbishop of Dublin 336 Hill, Thomas D. The Conversion of Sibilla in the History of the Holy Rood Tree 123 Hume, Cathy. “The name of soveraynetee”: The Private and Public Faces of Marriage in The Franklin’s Tale 284 Lewis, Cynthia. “We know what we know”: Reckoning in Love’s Labor’s Lost 245 Liu, Yu. In the Name of the Ancients: The Cross-Cultural Iconoclasm of Pope’s Gardening Aesthetics 409 Lund, Mary Ann. Reading and the Cure of Despair in The Anatomy of Melancholy 533 Martin, Mathew. Wasting Time in Ben Jonson’s Epicoene 83 McGillivray, Murray. What Kind of a Seat is Hrothgar’s gifstol? 265 Moll, Richard J. “Nest pas autentik, mais apocrophum”: Haveloks and Their Reception in Medieval England 165 Pasquarella, Vincenzo. The Implications of Tucker Brooke’s Transposition in Hero and Leander by Christopher Marlowe 520 Peverley, Sarah L. Political Consciousness and the Literary Mind in Late Medieval England: Men “Brought up of nought” in Vale, Hardyng, Mankind, and Malory 1 Rikhardsdottir, Sif. The Imperial Implications of Medieval Translations: Old Norse and Middle English Versions of Marie de France’s Lais 144 Sanchez, Melissa E. Seduction and Service in The Tempest 50 Shrank, Cathy. “Matters of love as of discourse”: The English Sonnet, 1560–1580 30 Stapleton, M. L. Edmund Spenser, George Turberville, and Isabella Whitney Read Ovid’s Heroides 487 Terrell, Katherine. Rethinking the “Corse in clot”: Cleanness, Filth, and Bodily Decay in Pearl 429 Wakelin, Daniel. Possibilities for Reading: Classical Translations in Parallel Texts ca. 1520–1558 463 Walicek, Jenny. “Strange showes”: Spenser’s Double Vision of Imperial and Papal Vanities 304 Weaver, William P. Marlowe’s Fable: Hero and Leander and the Rudiments of Eloquence 388 ...


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