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Blythe, Hal, and Charlie Sweet | The Writing Community:

A New Model for the Creative Writing Classroom 305

Daniell, Beth, Laura Davis, Linda Stewart, and Ellen Taber | The

In-House Conference: A Strategy for Disrupting Order and

Shifting Identities 447

Davis, Laura | see Daniell, Beth

Heard, Matthew | What Should We Do with Postprocess Theory? 283

Holberg, Jennifer L., and Marcy Taylor | A Note from the Editors 403

Holberg, Jennifer L., and Marcy Taylor | Editors' Introduction 1; 211

Jay, Gregory | Service Learning, Multiculturalism, and the Pedagogies

of Difference 255

Kinzy, Dana, and Deborah Minter | The Dynamics of Teacher

Development: Negotiating Where We Stand 481

Lockhard, Joe, and Jillian Sandell | National Narratives and the Politics of

Inclusion: Historicizing American Literature Anthologies 227

Marshall, Margaret J. | Teaching Circles: Supporting Shared Work and

Professional Development 413

Minter, Deborah | see Kinzy, Dana

Mullin, Joan A. | Interdisciplinary Work as Professional Development:

Changing the Culture of Teaching 495

Norcia, Megan A. | Out of the Ivory Tower Endlessly Rocking:

Collaborating across Disciplines and Professions to Promote

Student Learning in the Digital Archive 91

Pennell, Michael | "Russia is not in Rhode Island": Wikitravel in the Digital

Writing Classroom 75

Racioppi, Linda | see Tremonte, Colleen M.

Sandell, Jillian | see Lockard, Joe

Schneider, Barbara | Guest Editor's Introduction: Teaching to the

Choir 405 [End Page 591]

Schneider, Barbara | The Rhetorical Situation: Examining the Framing

of Professional Development 509

Sidler, Michelle | Rhetoricians, Facilitators, Models: Interviews with

Technology Trainers 467

Stewart, Linda | see Daniell, Beth

Sweet, Charlie | see Blythe, Hal

Taber, Ellen | see Daniell, Beth

Taylor, Marcy | see Holberg, Jennifer L.

Totten, Gary | Criticial Reception and Cultural Capital: Edith Wharton as

a Short Story Writer 115

Tremonte, Colleen M., and Linda Racioppi | At the Interstices:

Postcolonial Literary Studies Meets International Relations 43

Willard-Traub, Margaret K. | Writing Program Administration and

Faculty Professional Development: Which Faculty? What

Development? 433

Williams, Jeffrey J. | Teach the University 25


Farber, Jerry | Teaching and Presence 215

Hay, Simon | Why Read Reading Lolita? Teaching Critical Thinking in a

Culture of Choice 5

From the Classroom

Alsup, Janet, Tammy Conard-Salvo, and Scott J. Peters | Tutoring Is Real:

The Benefits of the Peer Tutor Experience for Future English

Educators 327

Conard-Salvo, Tammy | see Alsup, Janet

Cooks, Bridget R. | Confronting Terrorism: Teaching the History of

Lynching through Photography 135

Mills, Dan | Mind the Gap: Teaching Othello through Creative

Responses 154

Rosenberg, Roberta | The Importance of Storytelling: Students and

Teachers Respond to September 11 145

Peters, Scott J. | see Alsup, Janet

Pugh, Tison | Vectoring Genre and Character: A Pedagogical Model

for Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde and Other Multigeneric

Texts 348

Wellington, Jan | Learning to Transgress: Embedded Pedagogies of the

Gothic 170 [End Page 592]

Zitzer-Comfort, Carol | Teaching Native American Literature: Inviting

Students to See the World through Indigenous Lenses 160


Bauer, Dale, Rebeccah Bechtold, Mike Behrens, Nick Capell, Adam

Deutsch, Zia Gluhbegovic, Marilyn Holguin, Merton Lee, Carl

Lehnen, Kim O'Neill, Christy Scheuer, Melissa Tombro, and Jason

Vredenburg | Forging a Pedagogical Community 179

Bechtold, Rebeccah | see Bauer, Dale

Behrens, Mike | see Bauer, Dale

Benay, Phyllis | They Say, "Templates Are the Way to Teach Writing";

I Say, "Use with Extreme Caution" (Gerald Graff and Cathy

Birkenstein, They Say I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic

Writing) 369

Bergmann, Linda S. | Writing Centers and Cross-Curricular Literacy

Programs as Models for Faculty Development (Jeffrey Jablonski,

Academic Writing Consulting and WAC: Methods and Models for

Guiding Cross-Curricular Literacy Work; Anne Ellen Geller,

Michele Eodice, Frankie Condon, Meg Carroll, and Elizabeth H.

Boquet, The Everyday Writing Center: A Community of Practice;

Christina Murphy and Brian L. Stay, The Writing Center Director's

Resource Book) 523

Birkenstein, Cathy | see Graff, Gerald

Blalock, Glenn | Faculty Development in English Studies:

An Overview of Resources and a Suggested Sequence 555

Boquet, Elizabeth H. | see Geller, Anne Ellen

Capell, Nick | see Bauer, Dale

Carroll, Meg | see Geller, Anne Ellen

Carter, Shima | A Pragmatic Approach to Women's Rhetoric (Kate Ronald

and Joy Ritchie, eds., Teaching Rhetorica: Theory, Pedagogy,

Practice) 383

Condon, Frankie | see Geller, Anne Ellen

Creamer, Elizabeth G., and Lisa R. Lattuca, eds. | Advancing Faculty

Learning through Interdisciplinary Collaboration, reviewed by

Tiane Donahue 537

Deutsch, Adam | see Bauer, Dale...


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