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  • The Devastating Dream
  • Jasmyn Kline (Age 10)

Tiptoeing and gazing down the hallway, I slowly made it to the kitchen for breakfast. It was the day I set my dad free from that rotten prison.

Everyday for the past two years I would earn money by going to each house and doing odd jobs for the neighbors. One day I smelled lemonade and cookies from old man Johnson’s house. It gave me an idea for a lemonade-and-cookies stand. It would give me more money and a new opportunity. I finally saved up the $650 I needed.

Soon enough I decided to get him out. I called my friend Emily’s mom to get a ride downtown. In a split second, we were scurrying out of the driveway and out on the highway. As we were approaching the darkened building, I felt a chill of excitement. We went in and a man with a baby blue jumpsuit asked, “Would you like to visit or take somebody out?”

I replied in excitement, “I would like to take someone out.”

The man asked, “Who is it?”

I replied, “Jaime Kline, my father!”

“Ok, but you will need $620,” he explained.

I gave him the money.

While we were walking toward my dad’s room, I told him how I worked for years and what I did for money. As soon as I got to my dad’s cell, the guy in the rather astonishing suit let him out. I sprang into his arms, and he hugged me so tight I couldn’t breathe. By the time he had finished signing the papers, it was late. I called my mom as we were leaving that dim jailhouse on that night.

On the way home, I could almost smell my mother’s cooking. I pictured the delightful fresh meatballs and noodles vanishing into my mouth. As soon as we got home, we ate and I fell asleep on my father’s lap. The next morning we talked about all the stuff that’s been happening over the years. He told us he missed us. After that, we spent a lot of time together. Everyday we would go to the park and play.

All of a sudden, I heard my mother’s voice calling out, “Jasmyn, Jasmyn, come down for breakfast.”

Confused, I managed to say the words, “What in the world?”

Immediately, I rushed down to the kitchen hoping to see my father. But then reality hit me like a ton of bricks . . . my dad was nowhere to be found! Although it was just a dream I had in my sleep, it is a wish I will forever hold in my heart. [End Page 121]



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