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  • "El Primer Libertador de las Americas" / The First Liberator of the Americas:A Selective BibliographyUna blibliografía seleccionada
  • Charles Henry Rowell
  • "El Primer Libertador de las Americas" /The First Liberator of the AmericasA Selective Bibliography
  • Charles Henry Rowell

This bibliography contains a number of the sources that readers of this issue of Callaloo may use in their continued study of Yanga, other moments of resistance to enslavement in colonial "Latin America," and the consequences of that resistance in recent times. I used some of the items below in the writing of "'Primer Libertador de America'/First Liberator in the Americas," my Editor's Notes for this number of Callaloo. This bibliography is skewed toward English-language readers who—unlike their Spanish-language counterparts—may not be thoroughly familiar with black resistance movements in colonial "Latin America."

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