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Call for Papers

The Popular Culture Association will hold its annual meeting in conjunction with the American Culture Association in St. Louis, Missouri, April 5 through April 8, 1989. The Children's Popular Culture Caucus on PCA will organize a series of sessions at that event. Presentations are welcomed on various aspects of children's popular culture: toys, games television, movies, comics, radio, clothing, folklore, language and literature. Papers on the history of childhood; definitions of childhood and adolescence; stereotyping; and philosophical and psychological theory are especially sought for this meeting. PCA encourages interdisciplinary approaches and the use of visual media in its presentation, which should be 15 to 20 minutes long. Deadline for paper or 200-word abstract is September 2, 1988. Submit material to Anne Lundin, Assistant Curator, de Grummond Collection, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS 39406-5148.

Proposal for Paper Call 1989 MLA Convention Children's Literature Division The Outsider in Children's Literature

Many heroes and heroines in literature are outsiders, banned from families, groups, or even nations because of physical or mental distinctiveness. In many cases, as a reaction to this banishment, the individual or individuals think of themselves as elite, careless of others around them. I invite papers discussing the concept of the outsider in children's literature. Possible ideas for consideration are the reasons for such exclusions, the appeal or the taint of the elite, and the beneficial and harmful effects of this separation upon the outcast. Perspectives may be from the inside looking out (the viewpoint of the outcast) or the outside looking in (the outlook of those doing the ostracizing).

Please send a typewritten paper suitable for presentation in [supply number of minutes] to Craig Werner, State University College of New York at Buffalo, Department of English, Buffalo, NY 14222. [End Page 147]

Call for Articles Visual Arts Column ChLA Quarterly

The new Visual Arts column of the Quarterly will feature articles on all aspects of visual forms, genres, and experiences related to children's literature. Especially sought are articles on picture books, theatre, drama, film, and translations of literature into visual media. Also welcomed are papers which explore visual media from cultural, political, crosscultural, and international perspectives as well as research articles that focus on child-visual media interactions including the child as responder, viewer, evaluator and creator.

Articles for consideration should range in length from approximately 1500-2500 words and should follow the manuscript guidelines of the MLA Handbook for Writers and Research Papers, 2d. ed. (MLA, 1984).

Address inquiries and articles for review to Anthony L. Manna, College of Education, 404 White Hall, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio 44242.

Paper Call MLA New York, December 1989

Topic: Double Messages: What's Involved in Canonization?

Children's literature experts give with one hand, take away with the other when they describe the classics. What makes books "good" books in the field? Why are some books on lists, others left off? Who determines what "good" means? How dare experts make lists and suggest that some books are somehow better or more important than others? Is the idea of canonization obsolete? MLAs Children's Literature Division invites papers which address any aspect of canonization, including studies of single works which have been canonized or which have been ignored by The Children's Literature Association's canon, arguments for or against canonization in the field, the implications of recent criticism of canons and their relevance, or personal explorations of a particular list which has taken on the role of a canon in children's literature (this could include the Newbery and Cladecott lists).

Papers should be eight to ten pages long and should be able to be presented in twenty minutes. Deadline for submission is November 30, 1988. Send submissions to, Professor Nancy Huse, MLA Paper Call Chair, Augustana College, English Department, Rock Island, IL 61201. [End Page 148]

Paper Call Modern Language Association Conference 1989 New York City Children's Literature Special Session

Submissions are invited for a special session on the conflict between the author's adult consciousness and the child's nature, interests, and perspectives in literature for children. Papers are sought that analyze...


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