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  • From the Leonardo Archive
  • Paul A. Fishwick

Donna J. Cox’s article from 1988 is a seminal contribution, not only to Leonardo, but to the idea that teams of artists and scientists can and should work closely together in “Renaissance teams.” In any sort of teamwork, it is essential to engage all members. In this case, scientists were presented with new color-mapping and graphical methods to enhance pattern exploration of physical data sets obtained through simulation, and the artist explored new modalities of creating art within this emerging medium. Cox’s paper and subsequent research point the way for new artist-scientist teams in the representation of data, information and code. Based on Cox’s pioneering work, one is left to speculate how future research can leverage relatively new media such as three-dimensional multi-user environments, social networking and mixed reality. We are left with the conclusion that the best research to push science forward will involve these Renaissance teams. [End Page 390]

Paul A. Fishwick
Editor, Aesthetic Computing A Leonardo Book (Published by the MIT Press)


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