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For Worth Remembering

Most famously I am famousMostly, among famous peopleWho famously worry about their fameAnd wonder, famously, if I am famous enough to share their fameI am, in short, famously obscureAs are most of those who famously insistOn something being famously this or famously that


The Good Society APSA Panel Announcement

"Identity, Inclusion, and the Politics of Recognition"

August 28–31, 2008 – Boston, MA

In the spirit of this year's conference theme, Categories and the Politics of Global Inequalities, the Committee on the Political Economy of the Good Society offers "Identity, Inclusion and the Politics of Recognition" as an opportunity to critically engage the debate surrounding theories of recognition. We will examine issues of citizenship, gender, social connectedness, and identity to learn how these concepts can lead to political and economic inclusion, exclusion, and outright violence.

Division: R-POLECO

Division: Div. 3 – Normative Political Theory


  • Simon Thompson, University of the West of England

  • Claudia Leeb, Harvard University

  • Jacob Schiff, University of Chicago


  • Andrew Buchwalter, University of North Florida

  • Paul Apostolidis, Whitman College

Chair: Breanna M. Forni, University of Maryland [End Page 83]



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