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Center for Comparative Philosophy newly established at SJSU

At San Jose State University in California, USA, a research center concerning comparative philosophy was formally established in Fall 2007: the Center for Comparative Philosophy ('the CCP at SJSU' for short). Bo Mou has been appointed as its director.

The CCP at SJSU understands comparative philosophy in a broad way and in the way of constructive engagement, as characterized in its Charter: "Comparative philosophy considers philosophy in a global context and through the constructive engagement of philosophies from around the globe. One central concern of comparative philosophy is to inquire into how, via reflective criticism and self-criticism, distinct modes of thinking, methodological approaches, visions, insights, substantial points of view, or conceptual and explanatory resources from different philosophical traditions and/or from the complex array of distinct approaches of the same tradition in a global context, can learn from each other and jointly contribute to the common philosophical enterprise and/or a series of common concerns and issues of philosophical significance."

The CCP aims at promoting and enhancing the research and scholarship at SJSU in comparative philosophy and contributing to the academic mission of SJSU and the international scholarship of comparative philosophy. The Center pursues the foregoing goal through a variety of academic activities that include, but are not limited to, sponsoring the annual CCP Lecture Series, organizing workshops and conferences, and coordinating relevant international academic cooperation and exchange.

More information about the Center (its mission/agenda, its recent events, etc.) is available at [End Page 430]