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  • The Editor’s DepartmentAnnual Report
  • Brian D. Joseph

One of the annual tasks expected of me as editor is the preparation of a report to the Executive Committee of the Linguistic Society of America, submitted at the annual meeting in January. I have actually enjoyed fulfilling this duty over the past six years, as it provides me with the opportunity to take stock of what the past year at Language has brought in the way of activities and matters pertaining to the journal’s operations and policies, and it allows me to note any new developments of relevance involving the journal and to address any topics that I or the Executive Committee see as important. Following my now-established custom, this Annual Report, my sixth ‘State-of-the-Journal’ address, as it were, appears here in place of my more usual editorial comments in this section of the journal. The version printed here is essentially what was submitted to the Executive Committee in January, though with footnoted updates, embellishments, elaborations, and corrections as appropriate, as well as some minor editorial and typographical adjustments.

The Editor's Report


As I am composing this report, I am within hailing distance of the end of my term as editor of Language, with less than thirteen months to go (but who’s counting?) and the search for a successor under way and presumably drawing to a close. The December 2007 issue has been put to bed and is in the hands of the printers, so that the number of issues that remain under my purview is down to just four, a single year’s worth. While this might be considered a time for nostalgia and reflection, I plan to refrain from that here and rather will include any such musings in my remaining Editor’s Department and in my final report. For me this past year has been an interesting one (there is never a dull moment in the Language office!), and the editorial demands on me remain as stimulating and challenging as they ever have been. Fortunately, in just about every aspect of operations for the journal, all continues to go smoothly. In what follows, I chronicle the highlights of the past year and point to what is coming up in my final year of service, with a few items for action by the Executive Committee.

Language by the Numbers

I start, though, with a numerical overview of volume 83, including any relevant commentary needed to elucidate the statistics. Volume 83 contained the usual four issues, and, continuing a streak started in my second year with the September 2003 issue (79.3), all four issues appeared on time, being mailed out to LSA members by around the third week of the month in which they were due to appear (March, June, September, and December). While a lapse on the part of the compositors kept the September issue (83.3) from being posted electronically on Project Muse on time, that oversight has been rectified and it seems to have been a one-time problem. We continue to lay the groundwork for future issues, with the March 2008 issue (84.1) already in the works, and the papers for the June 2008 issue (84.2) being lined up as well. Thus, [End Page 449] Language’s overall record of on-time delivery of the goods continues and is certain to continue throughout the coming year.

The four issues of volume 83 contained 951 numbered pages. Of that number, 599 pages were devoted to 18 articles, 26 to 2 short reports, 21 to 1 review article, 28 to 3 obituaries, 111 to 35 reviews, 98 to 140 book notices, and 68 to other sorts of material (letters: 5 pages for 4 letters; Editor’s Department columns: 18 pages for 4 pieces, including the annual Editor’s Report; Recent Publications lists: 18 pages for 4 lists; index: 22 pages; job ads erroneously numbered in one issue: 2 pages; dedications: 2 pages; correction: 1 page).

All of these numbers are roughly comparable to those from the previous year. The total of 951 pages is down a bit from last year’s 991 but more than the...


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