Teams play an important role in the University of Maryland (UM) Libraries. Since 1998, teams and collaborative teamwork have become the way librarians address the myriad of issues affecting the needs of UM’s faculty, students, and staff. There has been much change in the UM Libraries over the past nine years, and the development is ongoing. Understanding how change takes place and whether the appropriate strategies to support these changes are implemented are vital to the libraries’ success. Assessment of any change process must be conducted to gauge improvement in reaching the desired organizational goals. One assessment tool, the Individual- Team-Organization (ITO) Survey, has been used to measure library staff perceptions in the teambased structure. The ongoing use of the ITO Survey has helped the UM Libraries better understand the challenges of and solutions to building a culture of continuous learning among librarians and staff. Given the widespread use of teams and teamwork in academic libraries, there is much to be gained by understanding their cohesion.


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