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In CJLS/RCDS vol. 21-1. 2006, a response by T. Palys and J. Lowman to F. Piron's comments on their article was published in the "Debate" section. For technical reasons, the response did not contain any footnotes. Here are the references that may not be found within their main article, as published in the journal:

Dans une section "Débat" du vol. 21-2, 2006 RCDS/CJLS, nous avons publié une réponse de la part de T. Palys et J. Lowman aux commentaires de F. Piron de leur article. Pour des raisons techniques, cette réponse ne contenait pas de notes. Voici les références qui ne peuvent être trouvées dans l'article tel que publié dans la revue:

J. Lowman & T. Palys, "Limited confidentiality, academic freedom, and matters of conscience: Where does CPA stand?" (2001) 43 Canadian Journal of Criminology 497; T. Palys & J. Lowman, "Social research with eyes wide shut: the limited confidentiality dilemma" (2001) 43 Canadian Journal of Criminology 255; J. Lindgren, "Anticipating Problems: Doing Social Science Research in the Shadow of the Law" (2002) 32 Sociological Methodology 29; G.R. Stone, "Above The Law: Research Methods, Ethics and the Law of Privilege" (2002) 32 Sociological Methodology 19; I. Zinger, C. Wichmann, & P. Gendreau, "Legal and ethical obligations in social research: The limited confidentiality requirement" (2001) 43 Canadian Journal of Criminology 269. [End Page 170]



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