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portal: Libraries and the Academy 8.2 (2008) 216

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Sex, Brains and Video Games: A Librarian's Guide to Teens in the Twenty-first Century, Jennifer Burke Pierce. Chicago: ALA Editions, 2007. 152p. $35 (ISBN: 0-8389-0951-5)

Though this work is really aimed at those who work closely with young adults at public libraries, the lessons might be equally interesting for academic librarians who are teaching these same teenagers as they enter the college years. Chapters on the teen brain and the "connections and limitations" of the wired generation should be of broad interest to librarians, perhaps less so than those on teen sex and adolescent perspectives on multiculturalism (T.J.)

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Complete Guide for Supervisors of Student Employees in Today's Academic Libraries, David A. Baldwin and Daniel C. Barkley. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2007. 304p. $50 (ISBN 1-59158-335-7)

This is just what it sounds like—a guide for supervisors, probably especially useful for those who are new to the role of supervising student assistants. The work includes in-depth chapters on financial aid, issues related to legal employee/employer relations, compensation, orientation, specific supervisory techniques that may be more effective with students, and evaluation of student employees. Perhaps of most practical use will be the chapter on "effective management," which covers termination and "difficult employees," and the chapter on job descriptions, which includes several dozen examples. (T.J.)

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Crash Course in Marketing for Libraries, Susan Webreck Alman. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2007. 192p. $30 (ISBN 1-591-58430-2)

This is part of the "Crash Course" series that is generally aimed at public librarians—and, in many ways, specifically those at small libraries. Nevertheless, with academic librarians often interested in marketing ideas, plans, and communication techniques, this promises to be useful for some who are in need of a brief and basic overview of the process of planning and developing a marketing plan. (T.J.)



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