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  • Wyndham Lewis Chronology

18 November 1882: Born on a yacht off the Nova Scotia coast to an English mother and an American father.

18981901: Attends the Slade School of Art.

19011909: Travels in Europe, living in Paris, Holland, Munich, and Madrid.

May 1909: First short story published, “The ‘Pole,’” in The English Review.

1912: Contributes decorations for Frieda Strindberg’s London night club, the Cabaret Theatre Club. Exhibits Kermesse at the Allied Artists’ Association show.

1913: Joins the Omega Workshops, but breaks with the director, Roger Fry, in October.

1914: Founds the Rebel Art Centre. Friendly with Ezra Pound and Henri Gaudier-Brzeska. Edits and publishes Blast, which heralds the first English avant-garde movement, Vorticism.

1915: Vorticist exhibition at the Doré Gallery. Publishes Blast 2.

1916: Joins Royal Artillery as a bombardier.

1917: Vorticist exhibit opens at the Penguin Club, New York, on 10 January, sponsored by John Quinn. Active service in France from May to November.

1918: Publishes his first novel, Tarr, set in the artistic bohemia of Paris.

1919: Guns by Wyndham Lewis exhibit at the Goupil Gallery.

1920: Travels with T. S. Eliot in France; meets James Joyce.

March 1926: The Art of Being Ruled is published, which Hugh Kenner later calls “the germ of all the polemics.”

1927: Time and Western Man, a combination of literary criticism and philosophy, is published.

1930: Visits Berlin, and on his return publishes articles on Hitler in Time and Tide.

May 1931: Visits Morocco; his account of the trip becomes Filibusters in Barbary.

1932: Thirty Personalities, an exhibit of portraits by Lewis, opens at the Lefevre Galleries in October.

May 1937: Publishes The Revenge for Love, a novel set in preCivil War Spain and London.

1938: Portrait of T. S. Eliot rejected by the Royal Academy.

March 1939: The Jews: Are They Human?, which attacks anti-Semitism and advocates admission of Jewish refugees into the British Empire, is published.

September 1939: Sails to Canada and remains in North America until the end of World War II.

1945: Returns to England.

1951: Vision begins to deteriorate, eventually resulting in blindness. He produces seven books after this.

7 March 1957: Dies in London.

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