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Vol. 62:2
Joshua S. Mostow, "Female Readers and Early Heian Romances: The Hakubyō Tales of Ise Illustrated Scroll Fragments"

After the above article appeared in the Summer 2007 issue, Hagoromo Kokusai Daigaku Nihon Bunka Kenkyūjo brought out a new two-volume compendium of Ise illustrations that includes reproductions of all the extant fragments of the Hakubyō Ise monogatari emaki scroll. In addition to indicating the present owners, when known, of the different fragments, the editors of this work, Ise monogatari emaki ehon taisei (Kadokawa Gakugei Shuppan, 2007), have also proposed new identifications of some of the fragments. In four cases they have concluded that a current fragment combines pictures and text from different episodes. The revised version of figure 1 (MN 62:2, p. 141) provided here rearranges the order of the fragments according to the editors' numbering of them, indicates the four wrongly joined fragments, and updates the information about the owners.

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Figure 1.

Extant fragments of Hakubyō Ise monogatari emaki

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