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BOOK REVIEWS 421 P or --P," not, "It is logically necessary that P or it is logically necessary that -P." The argument could conceivably have been presented in an article, but the lengthy analyses of traditional and contemporary formulations of fatalist and counter-fatalist arguments have an interest of their own. --A~R.L. In De]ense o] Free Will. By C. A. Campbell. (New York: Humanities Press, 1967. Pp. 277. $7.50) This consists of papers written between 1935 and 1962. Three are devoted to the problem of free will, centering around Campbell's libertarian claim that the initiating of activity is simply a fact of one's experience, exhibited in the phenomenon of effort. Five further papers deal with questions of ethics in the manner of the moral theories of Ross and Moore. The remaining papers, grouped together under the heading "Philosophy of Knowledge," claim synthetic a priori status for the law of contradiction, argue for Ayer's claim that the series of relevant tests for any synthetic proposition is infinite, support the post-Kantian view that the elementary cognition is a judgment, not an apprehension of anything, and dispute Ryle's rejection of the episodic view of consciousness. There is something old-fashioned about these papers; nonetheless they contain much of value on matters of contemporary concern. --A.R.L. The Concept o] Philosophy. By R. W. Newell. (London: Methuen; New York: Barnes and Noble, 1967. Pp. 163. $5.75) R. W. Newell argues that skepticism in epistemology and ethics has resulted in large measure from philosophers' devotion to dichotomies like necessary/contingent, analytic/synthetic , and deductive/inductive. We need to see, e~., that the connection between seeming statements and material object statements is neither deductive nor inductive, and that it is just in the nature of the logic of material object verification that statements about material objects are supported by claims as to what seems to be the case. Newell has some good things to say about fact and evidence, and especially about a device he calls "proving by particulars," which he traces from Wittgenstein, and is not far removed from Aristotle's concept of induction. But on the whole the treatment is rather superficial, perhaps because the intent of the book is so programmatic. --A.ILL. BOOKS I~ECEIVED First Editions Arvon, Henri. L'Atheizme, Le Point des Connaissances Actuelles. Coll. Que Sais-je? No. 1291. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1967.Pp. 126. Paper, Fr 3. Barfield, Owen. Speaker's Meaning. Middletown, Conn.: Wesleyan University Press, 1967. Pp. 118. $5. Boston Studies in the Philosophy o] Science. Vol. IIL Ed. Robert S. Cohen and Marx W. Wartofsky. Proceedings of the Boston Colloquium for the Philosophy of Science 1964-1965 (in memory of Norwood Russell Hanson). New York: Humanities Press, 1968. Pp. xlix -t489 . $18.50. de Negri, Enrico. La Teologia di Lu~ero. Florence: "La Nuova Italia" Editrice, 1967. Pp. xv -b 315 + 'v'. Paper, L 3000. Fackenheim, Emil L. The Religious Dimension in Hegel's Thought. Bloomington: Ind. University Press, 1968. Pp. xiii + 274. $8~0. Filosofia, Xu Supp. al N. 4 (Nov. 1967). Pp. 199. Contains the following articles: A Priori et Philosophie de la Nature by Mikel Dufrenne; "Some Philosophical Issues and Automata" by Louis O. Kattsoff; "L'Esth~tique Italienne de la Renaissance" by Wladislaw Tatarkiewicz; "Atomism, Substance and the Concept of Body in Seventeenth Century Thought" by Ivor Leclerc; "Spinozas Lehre von der Societas" by Wolfgang RSd; "Imagination in Kant and Heidegger" by Adolph Lichtigfeld; "Das Verhiiltnis zwischen dem ernsten und dem zweiten Teil der Logischen Untersuchungen Edmund Husserls" by Theodorus de Boer; and "Une Nouvelle Lecture du Capital h la D~cade da Cerisy By Emile Namer. Fraisse, Jean-Claude. Saint Augustin. Paris: Presses Universitaires de France, 1968. Pp. 122. Paper, Fr 6. Knowledge and Belie]. Ed. (with intro.) A. Phillips Griffiths. Oxford Readings in Philosophy, ed. G. J. Warnock. New York: Oxford University Press, 1967. Pp. Iv] + 169. Paper, $1.95. 422 HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY This book contains selections by J. Cook Wilson, R. B. Braithwaite, H. H. Price, H. A. Pritchard, Norman Malcolm, A. D. Woozley, Alan R. White, Jonathan Harrison, A. Phillips Griffiths, Edmund L...


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