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216 HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY A NOTE OF THANKS FROM THE JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY The Editorial Committee, in honor of Herbert Sctmeider's 80th birthday, wishes to thank him for his invaluable services to the Journal of the History of Philosophy, and to wish him many more productive years. His role in the development and success of the journal has been of the greatest importance, and we all are immensely grateful for his dedication, his sage advice, his arduous work, and his unstinting devotion to our venture. In paying tribute to one of my teachers, who led me into a lifetime commitment to the values of the history of philosophy, and who has played a most active role in the life of the Journal of the History of Philosophy, I feel that I ought to quote the final line of the letter I received from one of his closest students, the late Adrienne Koch. I had asked her to write a piece for this issue (which Professor Blau graciously agreed to write after Professor Koch's untimely death). A few days before she died, she wrote me "Herbie is an angel" and said she would have been proud if she could have written the tribute she, Professor Blau and I feel Herbert Schneider really deserves. We all want to thank Herbert Schneider for his support, his advice and his work on the journal. I personally want to thank him, because without his help and counsel, I do not think that I could have carried the JHP into its 10th year of existence. Herbert Schneider's dedication to the values of the history of philosophy will leave a lasting mark both in America and throughout the learned world. RICHARD H. POPKIN Editor ...


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