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380 HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY raises again the extremely interesting, although not always adequate, vision of the seven divine spirits without, however, the dialectical subtlety of Boehme or the objectivity of Swedenborg. Still this book has to be faced as such--mystical vision. JOHN JOSEPHSTOUDT Pennsylvania State University Announcements RUSSELL CENTENARYCELEBRATIONS Oct. 12-14, 1972 Plans are underway at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario for the celebration of the one-hundredth anniversary of Bertrand Russell's birth. Visiting speakers include: Sir A. J. Ayer, Mr. I. F. Stone, Mr. Christopher Farley of the Russell Peace Foundation, Professor S. P. Rosenbaum, and Professor N. Rescher. The programme will also include films, tapes, and a play entitled "The Chair of Indecency" dealing with the opposition to Russell's appointment to CCNY in 1940. The Russell Archives containing unpublished manuscripts, drafts of The Principles of Mathematics and Principia Mathematica and Russell's correspondence with Whitehead, Wittgenstein, Moore and Frege, films, tapes, etc. will be open to visitors for the duration of the Conference. Inquiries should be directed to the Conference Chairman, Dr. J. E. Thomas of the Philosophy Department. CLASSIC DICTIONARIESAND ENCYCLOPEDIAS PUBLISHED ON MICROFILM A major collection of twenty-three important dictionaries and encyclopedias dating to the early seventeenth century are being published on microfilm by National Micropublishing Corporation, 31 Center St., Wilton, Conn. 06897. The titles making up the complete program were suggested by consultant, Dr. Louis Kaplan, formerly Director of Libraries, the University of Wisconsin. Included in the collection is the first edition of Pierre Bayle's, Dictionnaire historique et critique, Rotterdam, 1697, as well as Bayle's sixteen volume, Dictionnaire historique et critique, Nouv. 6d., Paris, 1820-1824. Also, the Encyclopaedia Britannica, first and ninth edition; the 166 volume Encyclopddie mdthodique, Paris, 1782-1832; Grande encyclop~die, Paris 1886-1902; Brockhaus Konversations-Lexikon, 14. vollst~ndig neubearb. Auflage, Leipzig, 1898; and the important Diderot, Encyclopddie, ou dictionnaire raisonnd des sciences, des arts, et des mdtiers, Paris and Amsterdam, 1751-1780. All single and double page illustrations will be included. The complete annotated list containing individual prices is available from the publisher. BOOK REVIEWS 381 The Journal has received the following announcement: "Die AUgemeine Gesellschaft ftir Philosophie in Deutschland veranstaltet ihren 10. deutschen Kongrel3 ftir Philosophie vom 8.-12. Oktober 1972 in Kiel mit dem Thema 'Natur und Geschichte', Der ~iufiere Ablauf erfolgt in ~ihnlicher Weise wie die letzten Kongresse: neben drei grofien Vortr~igen finden sechs Symposien tiber das Thema des Kongresses und eine Reihe von Sektionsvortr~igen tiber spezielle Probleme aus den Gebieten des Kongrefithemas start. Der Kongref) beginnt am Sonntagnachmittag. Am Dienstag ist ein Ausflug mit einem F0rdedampfer vorgesehen und am Abend die Mitgliederversammlung der Gesellschaft . N~ihere Ausktinfte erteilt die Gesch/iftsstelle der Gesellschaft. Ein detailliertes Programm des Kongresses wird im Juni 1972versandt werden." Erscheint seit 1969 studia leibnitiana Vierteljahrschrift fiir Philosophie und Geschichte der Wissenschaften Bitte fordern Sie Prospekte an Im Auftrag der Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz-Gesellschaft e.V. Herausgegeben yon Kurt Miiller und Wilhelm Totok In Verbindung mit A. P. Ju~kevi~, Moskva Gottfried Martin, Bonn - Vittorio Mathieu, Torino - Nicholas Rescher, Pittsburgh - Andr6 Robinet , Paris - Bernard Sticker, Hamburg Erscheinungsweise: viertelj~ihrlich Jahresabonnement: DM 56 FRANZ STEINER VERLAG GMBH WIESBADEN/GERMANY ...


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