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Announcements The Philosophy Department of Tuskegee Institute announces a three day conference on Philosophy and Black Experience, to be held on the campus in Tuskegee Institute, Alabama, April 5, 6, 7, 1973. There is a call for papers on the following general subject areas: I. RACE AND RACISM Suggested questions: A. The problem of how to define race. What is a racial unit, and how, if possible, can it be defined? What are the possible political and/or ethical consequences of having a racial identity, of accepting or refusing to accept a racial identity, or of imputing a racial identity to an individual or group? B. Are there necessary or significant contingent relationships between race and class; between race and personality, character, or values; or between race and world view or ideology? C. What is racism, how should it be defined, and what is its moral and/or political standing? D. How are the concepts of race and racism involved in the philosophical problems of understanding and interpreting history? II. THE SLAVERY EXPERIENCE IN THE AMERICAS--SoCIAL AND ETHICAL IMPLICATIONS THEN AND NOW Suggested questions: A. Does the slavery experience support or show the need for revision of Marx's analysis of history? B. Does the particular quality of the slavery experience in the Americas illustrate some necessary features of human personality development or political development ? C. Is freedom as a human condition best understood as opposed to slavery rather than as opposed to determinism? D. What are the ethical implications of the slavery experience for individual and/or group morality or moral responsibility? III. REPARATIONS Suggested questions: A. What implications does the demand for reparations have for the notions of responsibility (either moral or legal), or for group or institutional moral agency as well as individual moral agency and responsibility? B. What are the social and political implications of the demand for reparation? What is the relation between the standards of present political action and the demand for repayment of past violations of rights? C. What notions of racial identity and continuity are presupposed by the demand for reparations? Papers on other aspects of Philosophy and Black Experience are welcome. An abstract of the paper should be submitted and an indication that an abstract is forthcoming would be appreciated as early as possible. Travel expenses and a stipend are offered for papers presented at the conference and for commentators. Persons interested in participating or in attending should write to J. Brooke Hamilton, Head, Department of Philosophy, Tuskegee Institute, Alabama 36088. The conference is funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Treatise of Man Rend Descartes ~t with translation and (y by Thomas Steele Hall chief physiological )een neglected by ad has never been transEnglish . This new )rints in facsimile the rench edition of 1664 Lesthe first English I as well as commentary Lns the text and analyzes fion of Descartes' ideas. donographs in the Science, 6. trd ,'rsity Massachusetts 02138 ...


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