The volumes under review indicate that feminist literary studies as a discipline continues to produce significant scholarship and thinking. Blue Studios: Poetry and Its Cultural Work, by Rachel Blau DuPlessis, brings together theoretically-inflected essays on poetry. Part manifesto, part guidebook to DuPlessis' artistic influences and process, the volume contemplates issues of praxis and poetics, traversing the border between patriarchal and postpatriarchal cultures. DuPlessis' essays begin with the personal, and theorize an experimental, feminist poetics that counters the gender-blind critic. The Cambridge Companion to Feminist Literary Theory, edited by Ellen Rooney, offers succinct discussions of the methods and issues in a conflicted discipline. The volume foregrounds the differing methodologies adopted by feminist literary theorists. Each essay provides a comprehensive discussion of the history of the branch being treated, and the portrait of feminist literary studies that emerges is comprehensive.


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