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Bruno Chaouat teaches French literature at the University of Minnesota. He has published a book on Chateaubriand and autobiography (Je meurs par morceaux: Chateaubriand, Presses Universitaires du Septentrion, 1999) and more recently has edited a volume of essays on shame and literature (Lire, écrire la honte, Presses Universitaires de Lyon, 2007).

Pedro Erber is a PhD candidate in the Department of East Asian Literature at Cornell University and author of Politics and Truth: Martin Heidegger's Political Philosophy (São Paulo: Loyola, 2004).

Stewart Martin is a member of the editorial collective and review editor of the journal Radical Philosophy and Lecturer in Modern European Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Art Theory at Middlesex University.

Carrie Noland teaches in the Departments of French and Comparative Literature at the University of California, Irvine. She is the author of Poetry at Stake: Lyric Aesthetics and the Challenge of Technology and numerous articles on avant-garde art and literature. She recently completed The Gestural Performative and coedited with Sally Ann Ness an interdisciplinary volume entitled The Migration of Gesture: Dance, Film, Art, Writing.

Erik M. Vogt teaches philosophy at Trinity College (Hartford, CT) and at the University of Vienna (Austria).

Kirk Wetters is an Assistant Professor of German Literature at Yale University. A book focusing on literary elaborations of the concept of opinion is forthcoming from Fordham University Press.