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Annoucements VOLTAIRE FOUNDATION PUBLICATIONS The American agents for The Voltaire Foundation have suffered a financial failure. Many North American libraries, as a result, have not received copies of works published as of 1 July 1975. These are the Complete Works o] Voltaire, volumes 2, 7, 53-55, 81-82, 85, 125; the Correspondance complete de Jean Jacques Rousseau, volumes 1-22; and the Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century, volumes 30-37, 41-139. (The above volumes only are currently in print.) All university staff concerned with eighteenth-century studies are urged to ask their librarians to confirm in writing to the Foundation if their libraries are subscribed to the above important sets. If so, it would be most desirable to find out if the volumes listed have been received, and to contact The Voltaire Foundation, Thorpe-Mandeville House, Banbury , Oxfordshire, England, stating which is the last volume held of each series. Should your library not possess some or all volumes of these sets, please request your librarian to subscribe to them as soon as possible. In case of any problem, kindly notify Professor Giles Barber at the Foundation. MCGILL BICENTENNIAL HUME CONGRESS A Congress commemorating the bicentennial of the death of David Hume will be held at McGill University, Montreal, from September 29th to October 3rd 1976. The Congress is intended to stimulate fresh approaches to Hume's work, and to provide the occasion for the expression of these new interpretations and the critical discussion of them. Plenary session speakers for the Congress have been invited and will be announced at a later date. Contributed papers, to be read at concurrent sessions, are invited. Those wishing to have papers considered by the Program Committee should submit completed papers (abstracts should be included) before May 15, 1976. These papers must represent new work and be available for publication in the Congress Proceedings, assuming that efforts to arrange suitable publication are successful. At present, the Program Committee is unable to offer travel subventions to those whose papers are accepted. Contributed papers may not exceed 30 minutes reading time (3500-4000 words). Five copies of each paper and return postage should be sent to: David Fate Norton, Department of Philosophy, McGiU University, Box 6070, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The Congress is sponsored by The Canada Council; Hume Society; McGill University; and the Ministry of Education, Province of Quebec. PHILOSOPHICALMONOGRAPHSannounces that it will publish monograph-length studies in philosophy beginning spring 1976. PM is an independent, non-profit venture, assisted by the University City Science Center, an established non-profit consortium in Philadelphia, and devoted exclusively to servicing the publishing needs of the profession. Manuscripts are invited, of not more than 200 typescript pages, on any topic of general interest to the profession at large. These should be accompanied by adequate return postage and an explanatory brief. All inquiries should be addressed to the Editor, Professor Joseph Margolis, Department of Philosophy, Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19122. The Editorial Advisory Board includes: Kurt Baler (Pittsburgh), Steven Barker (Johns Hopkins ), Panayot Butchvarov (Iowa), Norman Care (Oberlin), V. C. Chappell (Massachusetts , Amherst), Jerry Fodor (MIT), Donald Gustafson (Cincinnati), Michael Lockwood (Oxford), Ernin McMullin (Notre Dame), Harold Morick (SUNY, Albany), Terence Penelhum (Calgary), Jerome Shaffer (Connecticut), H. S. Thayer (CUNY), Zak Van Straatten (Witwatcrsrand), Richard Wasserstrom (UCLA). [124] ...


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