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Editorial Consultants During the period July 1982 through June 1983 those who evaluated papers for the Journal include, in addition to the scholars listed in the masthead, the following: REUBEN ABEL New Schoolfor Social Research 'WANDE ABIMBOLA University of lfe LAIRD ADDIS University of Iowa IGNAZIO ANGELELLI University of Texas PALL S. ARDAL Queen's University, Kinston N. SCOTT ARNOLD St. Cloud State University E. JENNIFER ASHWORTH University of Waterloo THOMAS AUXTER University of Florida STEPHEN BARKER TheJohns Hopkins University TOM BEAUCHAMP Kennedy Institute, Georgetown University LEWIS WHITE BECK University of Rochester FRITHJOF BERGMANN University of Michigan JOHN BOLER University of Washington NICHOLAS CAPALD1 Queens College, CUNY HOWARD CELL Glassboro State College VERE CHAPPELL University of Massachusettes DESMOND CLARKE University of Notre Dame ALAN CODE University of California at Berkeley JOHN COOPER Princeton University DONALD CRESS Northern Illinois University PHILLIP D. CUMMINS University of Iowa PAOLO DAU University of California at San Diego JOHN DAVIS University of Western Ontario ALAN DONAGAN California Institute of Technology, Pasedena FRANCOIS DUCHESNEAU University of Montreal .]AMES W. DYE Northern Illinois University PAUL EISENBERG Indiana University GREGORY W. FITCH Arizona State University ROBERT FOGELIN Dartmouth College MARVIN FOX Brandeis University RICHARD FRANK Catholic University of America LOIS FRANKEL The Ohio State University PETER FUSS University of Missouri, St. Louis W. ALLAN GABBEY The Queen's University of Belfast HENRY LOUIS GATES, JR Yale University DAVID K. GLIDDEN University of California at Riverside MOLTKE GRAM University of Iowa JOSIAH B. GOULD S.U.N.Y. at Albany EUGENE HARGROVE University of Georgia ERROL HARRIS Northwestern University H. S. HARRIS York University BRITT-MARIE MAYLATH Washington University EDWARD F. MCCLENNEN Washington University JAMES E. MCGUIRE University of Pittsburgh [589l 59 ~ R. F. MCRAE University of Toronto JAMES MOORE Concordia University JULIUS MORAVCSIK Stanford University ALEXANDER P. MOURELATOS University of Texas WIKTOR NIEDZWIEDZKI Washington University JAMES NOXON McMaster University RICHARD OLSON University of California at Santa Cruz JOSEPH O'MALLEY Marquette University MARTHA NUSSBAUM Harvard University STANLEY PAULSON Washington University W. BERNARD PEACH Duke University TERENCE PENELHUM University of Calgary TERRENCE M. I. PENNER University of Wisconsin RONALD PERRIN University of Montana DAVID D. RAPHAEL Imperial College of Science & Technology ANDRI~ ROBINET Centre d'histoire des sciences & doctrines THOMAS M. ROBINSON University of Toronto LYNN ROSE SUNY at Buffalo DANIEL SACHS TheJohns Hopkins University HENRY A. S. SCHANKULA University of Kent CHARLES SCHMITT The Warburg Institute JEANNE SCHULER Creighton University STEVEN S. SCHWARZSCHILD Washington University JEROME SCHILLER Washington University TEDDY SEIDENFELD Washington University JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY 21:4 OCT 1983 DONALD SIEVERT University of Missouri ROBERT SLEIGH Centerfor Advanced Study, Princeton HERBERT SPIEGELBERG Washington University ROSAMOND KENT SPRAGUE University of South Carolina M. A. STEWART University of Lancaster STEPHEN STRANGE Harvard University AVRUM STROLL University of California at San Diego JAMES TULLY McGill University JOHN i. VICKERS Claremont Graduate School DONALD VERENE Emory University MICHAEL WASHBURN Indiana University CARL WELLMAN Washington University NORMAN J. WELLS Boston College MEROLD WESTPHAL Hope College NICHOLAS P. WHITE University of Michigan THOMAS WHITE Upsala College MARGARET WILSON Princeton University RICHARD D. WINFIELD Athens, Georgia JOHN F. WIPPEL Catholic University of America ROBERT PAUL WOLFF University of Massachusetts PAUL WOODRUFF University of Texas JOHN WRIGHT Simon Fraser University JOHN YOLTON Rutgers College ARNULT ZWEIG Universit~ of Oregon ...


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