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Editorial Consultants During the period July 1985 through June i986, those who evaluated papers for the Journal include, in addition to the scholars listed in the masthead, the following: ALEXANDER ALTMANN Brandeis University KARL AMERIKS University of Notre Dame SHARON ANDERSON-GOLD Rensselaer PolytechnicInstitute IGNAZIO ANGELELLI University of Texas, Austin JOHN ALLCOCK University of Bradford JOHN ANTON University of South Florida PALL S. ARDAL Queen's University JOHN E. ATWELL Temple University THOMAS P. AUXTER University of Florida JONATHAN. BARNES University of Oxford STANLEY BATES Middlebury College TOM L. BEAUCHAMP Georgetown University LEWIS W. BECK University of Rochester DAVID BELL University of Glasgow FRED L. BERGER University of California DAVID BERMAN University of Dublin JOHN BIRO University of Oklahoma IVAN BOH Ohio State University JOHN F. BOLER University of Washington ANTHONY BONNER MaUorca, Spain VERNONJ. BOURKE University of St. Thomas j. DANIEL BREAZEALE University of Kentucky JOHN BRICKE University of Kansas SARAH WATERLOW BROADIE University of Texas, Austin JANET BROUGHTON Univer~yofCalifo,~ia GREGORY BROWN University of Houston STEPHEN BROWN Boston College ALISTER BROWNE Capilano College JOHN W. BURBIDGE Trent University MYLES BURNYEAT University of Cambridge JILL VANCE BUROKER California State College NICHOLAS CAPALDI National University of Singapore ROBERT CARROLL Sacramento City College HOWARD R. CELL Glassboro State College DISKIN CLAY John Hopkins University ALAN CODE University of California DANIEL COOK Brooklyn College, CUNY JOHN GRAY COX Middle TennesseeState University MAURICE CRANSTON London School of Economics and Political Science [579] 580 DONALD CRAWFORD University of Wisconsin JOHN w. DAVIS University of Western Ontario CORRINA DELKESKAMP West Germany DANIEL DEVEREUX Univer~y of Virginia GEORGE DIGIOVANNI McGiU University ALAN DONAGAN California Institute of Technology WILLIS DONEY Dartmouth College KENNETH DORTER University of Guelph K. R. DOVE College at Purchase, SUNY FRANCOIS DUCHESNEAU University of Montreal JAMES O. DUKE PacO~cSchool of Religion LOUIS D U PRI~ Yale University w.j. VAN DER DUSSEN Katholieke Universiteit Nijmegen KLAUS DOSING Universit~t KOln WILLIAM F. EDWARDS EmoO Universi0 G. ELFSTRON Agnes Scott College CHRISTOPH EUCKEN University of Bern JOSEPH P. FELL Buckne//Univers/0 MICHAEL T. FERJOHN Duke University DANIEL E. FLAGE University of Texas, Austin MARVIN FOX Brandeis University _HARRY FRANKFURT Yale University DOROTHEA FREDE Swarthmore College JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY 24:4 OCTOBER 1986 ALFRED FREDDOSO University of Notre Dame R. Z. FRIEDMAN University of Toronto GEORGE GALE University of Missouri j. c. A. GASKIN Trinity College DAVID GAUTHIER University of Pittsburgh ANTHONY GIDDENS University of Cambridge HILAIL GILDEN Queens College, CUNY ALFONSO GOMEZ-LOBO Georgetown University T. A. GOUDGE University of Toronto JAMES GOUINLOCK Emory University JOSIAH GOULD State University of Albany CHRISTOPHER W. GOWANS Fordham University JORGE GRACIA State University of New York, Buffalo MARYJ. GREGOR San Diego State University MARGORIE GRENE Ithaca, New York BRUCE A, HADDOCK University of Swansea R. W. HALL University of Vermont PETER H. HARE State University of New York, Buffalo ERROL HARRIS Ambleside, Cumbria, UK WARREN HARVEY Hebrew University ofJerusalem DAVID R. HILEY Memphis State University JAAKKO HINTIKKA Florida State University GRAEME HUNTER University of Toronto PETER HYLTON Vni,,' r ofcalif ARTHUR HYMAN Yeshiva University ROBERT IMLAY University of Toronto ALFRED IVRY Brandeis University LISA JARDINE Cambridge University W. R. JOHNSON CorneU University PETER JONES University of Edinburgh JACK KAMINSKY State University of New York, Binghamton JAMES G. KENNEDY Northern Illinois University PATRICIA KITCHER University of Minnesota BARRY S. KOGAN Hebrew Union College ARYEH L. KOSMAN Haverford College RICHARD H. KRAUT University of Illinois NORMAN KRETZMANN CorneU University MANFRED KUEHN Purdue University DOMINICK LACAPRA CorneU Umversity DAVID LACHTERMAN Vassar College PAUL LAKELAND Fairfield University CHARLES H. LAMBROS State University of New York, Buffalo THELMA LAVINE George Washington University JOHN M. LEVINE Syracuse University DAVID LEVY GeorgeMason University FRANK LEWIS Universi0 of Arizona BOOK REVIEWS 581 DONALD LIVINGSTON Emory University LOUIS E. LOEB University of Michigan GEORGE LOGAN Queen's College, Ontario CHARLES LOHR Universitdt Freiburg lm Breisgau CARNES LORD Standard.wille, Virginia GEORGE R. LUCAS, JR. University of Santa Clara BERND MAGNUS University of California, Riverside NOEL MALCOLM Gonville and Caius College,Cambridge ANTHONY J. MANSER University of Southampton HARVEY C. MANSFIELD, JR. Harvard University LOUIS MARCIL-LACOSTE University of Montreal MICHAEL E. MARMURA University of Toronto ALOYSIUS P. MARTINICH University...


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