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Announcements Conference on Scepticism. The Department of Philosophy, University of California , Riverside, in cooperation with the University of California Humanities Research Institute (Irvine) and the Center for Ideas and Society is pleased to announce a conference, "Scepticism in the History of Philosophy: A PanAmerican Dialogue," scheduled for February 15-17, 1991 at the University of California, Riverside. Participants include: Julia Annas (University of Arizona ); Miguel A. Badia-Cabrera (Universidad de Puerto Rico); Mauricio Beauchot (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico); Carla Cordua (Universidad de Puerto Rico); Emilio M. Eigenheer (Universidade Federal Fluminense ); James E. Force (University of Kentucky); Dorothea Frede (Swarthmore College); Amos Funkenstein (University of California, Los Angeles); Daniel Garber (University of Chicago); David Glidden (University of California , Riverside); Alejandro Herrera Ib~ifiez (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico); Leiser Madanes (Universidad de Buenos Aires); Jose Raimund Maia Neto (Washington University); Danilo Marcondes de Souza Filho (Pontifica Universidade Cat61ica de Rio de Janeiro); Ezequiel de Olaso (Universidad de San Andrea, Buenos Aires); Miguel Orellana Benada (Universidad de Santiago de Chile); Graciela de Pierris (Indiana University); Richard H. Popkin (University of California, Los Angeles); Thomas Robinson (University of Toronto); Jos6 Antonio Robles-Garcia (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico); Robert Sleigh (University of Massachusetts, Amherst); Avrum Stroll (University of California, San Diego); Barry Stroud (University of California, Berkeley); Richard Watson (Washington University). For more information please contact conference organizers at the Center for Ideas and Society, University of California, Riverside, Riverside, CA 925 ~1-ouo 1. Forum for Historyof Human Science. The Forum for History of Human Science (FHHS) is a new organization that has been formed to promote scholarship in the history of the social and behaviorial sciences. "Human science" is broadly defined and encompasses anthropology, economics, geography, history , linguistics, political science, psychiatry, psychology, sociology, and statistics , as well as aspects of the biological and physical sciences, medicine, education , law and philosophy. The primary aim of the organization is to foster [159] ,6o JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF PHILOSOPHY 29: ~ JANUARY 199z research and education in the history of human science and to encourage communication among scholars, scientists, and others working in the area. Membership in FHHS is open to interested individuals; dues are $IO a year. Please make checks payable to FHHS and direct them and any inquiries to Laurel Furumoto, FHHS Corresponding Secretary, Department of Psychology , Wellesley College, Wellesley, MA o~ 181; (6~7) 235-o32o, ext. 3o~o. STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT AND CIRCULATION IA. Tllkl O+I=u~k:l~k~ ~e. PUBUCATiONNO, 2. O1r of V~ JOURNAL ~ THE HIST(Ry CY PHILOSOI~y 0[012121,I01+~ 3 Sept, I~, I~90 qmlz.~r Jaam~y, A!~d.1. JUly, 0o+.ober ~ $50.00 4. CoPP4>klto Milling Adr of Known Olfk:l of F~Jbb~itlr +, C~17,C~. Mt e ~JP+4~C~d~)f~'r pt~tmJ W.m~on Uz~.,nmsl~y, Eelm*_--'tmePekot" Pl'd.losol~h~+ S%. I~,.d.s, t'lO63130 ~ . ~ t l Mllti~ll Addr*$l of the Held~pjlft,~ of GIP~,ll 8Ulm41 iI OfflCll Of ~ P+.~l+$h~~H~ptL~) V a ~ o n Ul~l.~'etty, 9elt~'taen% ot" Phlloso!d~y, S+., I,ouls, )10 63130 8. F~d[N~ll lnd Comp~l|eMII;~ AddP~l ~f'/~b~lhlr. Editor,end Mlnlg~l Edm~ t33~ ~ MUST NOT k "'m~t~e~m'~,,l[~g,,~P~ of-l~Llosoyhy, Ino, '~oz? Un~vemst~y, ~e~z't~ent of R~.losol~ny, A~lm'~ta, GA 30322-1092 Rudolf A. l~aYJ~eel Del:~'~ment of l~;ilosol~y, E~y University, A~lan~, GA 30322-1092 Dennis Dugan Depa~1~err~ of Phllosol~y~ ~ory Un~ve~slty, Atlanta, GA 30322-1092 Unt"mlL~slr of Calt~-i~e~ ~kele,t" ~ nA 9~720 g. K~wn BondhcNers,Mo~tgeg~mr ind OtherS ~ HoMe~ Ownklg ~ Holding I P~Pt or Mo~ of TotMAm~mt of Bonds,Mor~o0N ~ Ottmr Fill NlmW Complete Mlll~ Addrtu None ~. Fo, ~ame~n by ~Dm ~e,IT~E Aut~zsd TQ MEHIt S~Jai R,tog ~ ~ ~3,/~ ~) The ptlmpou+function, ind ~f;t Itltul of "Jdl o+glnintlml im


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