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  • Inkatha Freedom Party
  • Mangosuthu G. Buthelezi (bio)

The participants in this symposium, who represent major political forces in South Africa, were invited to write the brief essays that are presented below in response to the following two questions about their country's future:

  1. 1. "What are the chief characteristics of the political and economic order you would like to see in a future South Africa? How would you distinguish your views on this question from those of other major political groupings in South Africa?"

  2. 2. "By what path is the political and economic order you would prefer most likely to emerge?"

Inkatha's primary concern is for the men, women, and children of South Africa who have been ravaged by apartheid and thus deprived of both their human rights and the opportunity to build decent lives for themselves. We wish to see them released from their bondage so that they can contribute to building the new South Africa.

Inkatha has dedicated itself to creating a society that can harness the great resources of the country to fight the real enemies of the people—poverty, hunger, unemployment, disease, ignorance, insecurity, homelessness, and moral decay.

This challenge cannot be met by rhetoric alone, as some of the other black leaders in South Africa seem to think. While euphoria is a valid and understandable reaction to the changes in thinking that are now taking place in our country, the real problems of ordinary people multiply daily. That is why Inkatha has moved rapidly to meet the new circumstances.

It was announced at the recent annual conference of Inkatha, which [End Page 25] was attended by 15,000 delegates from all over South Africa, that the new Inkatha will be a modern, democratic political party—the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP)—edicated to establishing a multiracial, multiparty democracy in South Africa. This new, democratic South Africa should maintain the existing strengths of our enterprise-led economy and create opportunities for all South Africans to expand our country's wealth and make it available where it is needed.

Only by producing new wealth will we have a chance to move beyond mere words to the creation of the real resources required to tackle our enormous needs and problems. Accordingly, the Inkatha Freedom Party will adhere to the following guidelines as it develops a detailed program for political action:

  • • At present, a very large part of the South African economy is centrally controlled by the government. We feel that much of the economy should be opened up, denationalized, and deregulated.

  • • We are convinced that only an economy based largely on free enterprise will allow our people to realize their full potential. We are determined to see the black underclass given full access to the education, training, and capital that will enable this enormous potential asset to develop employment skills and economic opportunities. This will release, to the benefit of both the individual and the country, energies that have hitherto been suppressed and wasted.

  • • We believe, in particular, that there is a great potential for growth in the informal economy. Small enterprises already flourish in our economy in spite of all the obstacles that their owners must overcome. Special efforts to help these people start and properly maintain their small businesses will be part of our program.

  • • IFP would like to see a multiracial, multiparty society in South Africa, which it is determined to see created through reconciliation and peaceful negotiation. IFP does not want a black dictatorship in South Africa any more than it wanted a white dictatorship. It is only through the cooperation of all parts of the community that we can solve our problems. Therefore, Inkatha has opened its membership to all races and creeds, and is seeking alliances and partnerships with other like-minded parties and organizations. Our hope is for a reconciled community and a united South Africa where all can contribute to the common good and have a chance at making a good life for themselves, their families, and their fellow citizens. IFP believes that the vast majority of the white community wishes to contribute to the fulfillment of this vision and we welcome their cooperation.

  • • IFP also looks forward to the...


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