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Winter 1990, No. 1

The Editors, Why the Journal of Democracy

Tiananmen and Beyond

Wuer Kaixi, After the Massacre

Merle Goldman, China's Great Leap Backward

Thomas B. Gold, The Resurgence of Civil Society in China

Fang Lizhi, Peering Over the Great Wall

Roberto Eisenmann, The Struggle Against Noriega

Leszek Kolakowski, Uncertainties of a Democratic Age

Juan Linz, The Perils of Presidentialism

The Crumbling of the Soviet Bloc

Jacek Kuroń, Overcoming Totalitarianism

Jrnos Kis, Poland and Hungary in Transition

Vilém Prečan, The Democratic Revolution

Vladimir Bukovsky, Squaring the Soviet Circle

Carlos Waisman, The Argentine Paradox

Dette Pascual, Organizing People Power in the Philippines

Books in Review

Chudi Uwazurike on "Anthills of the Savannah"

Larry Diamond on "Rethinking Military Politics"

Sidney Hook (1902-1989)

Spring 1990, No. 2

Chile After Pinochet

Pamela Constable & Arturo Valenzuela, Democracy Restored

Edgardo Boeninger, Lessons from the Past, Hopes for the Future

Charles H. Fairbanks, Jr., The Suicide of Soviet Communism

Paul B. Henze, The Last Empire

Natan Sharansky, The Legacy of Andrei Sakharov

Alfred Stepan, On the Tasks of a Democratic Opposition

Andrew J. Nathan, Is China Ready for Democracy?

Tun-jen Cheng & Stephan Haggard, Taiwan in Transition

Bona Malwal, The Agony of the Sudan

Bolivar Lamounier, Brazil's New Beginning

Václav Havel, People, Your Government Has Returned to You!

Ray Ekpu, Nigeria's Embattled Fourth Estate

Books in Review

Shaul Bakhash on "Islamic Liberalism"

Susan Kaufman Purcell on "Democracy in the Americas" [End Page 125]

Summer 1990, No.3

Milan Šimečka, The Restoration of Freedom

Nicaragua's Choice

Robert A. Pastor, The Making of a Free Election

Robert S. Leiken, Old and New Politics in Managua

Pablo Antonio Cuadra, Reclaiming the Revolution

Larry Diamond, Three Paradoxes of Democracy

Wayne A. Cornelius, Mexico: Salinas and the PRI at the Crossroads

Third World Communism in Crisis

Carlos Alberto Montaner, Castro's Last Stand

Vo Van Ai, Reform Runs Aground in Vietnam

Jeffrey Herbst, The Fall of Afro-Marxism

James Manor, India After the Dynasty

John B. Dunlop, The Return of Russian Nationalism

llya Zaslavsky, Pressing for Democracy in the USSR

Books in Review

Joshua Muravchik on "Power, the Press and the Technology of Freedom"

Fall 1990, No. 4

Pierre Hassner, Communism: A Coroner's Inquest

South Africa's Future

Pauline H. Baker, A Turbulent Transition

Visions of Change: A Symposium - Mangosuthu G. Buthelezi, Ahmed Gora

Ebrahim, Nelson Mandela, Julian Ogilvie Thompson, J.H. van der Merwe, Gerrit Viljoen, Denis Worrall

Paragoay After Stroessner

Charles G. Gillespie, Democratizing a One-Party State

Humberto Rubin, One Step Away from Democracy

Robert H. Taylor, Burma's Ambiguous Breakthrough

Debate—Presidents vs. Parliaments

Donald L. Horowitz, Comparing Democratic Systems

Seymour Martin Lispet, The Centrality of Political Culture

Juan J. Linz, The Virtues of Parliamentarism

Jonathan Hartlyn, The Dominican Republic's Disputed Elections

Chai-Anan Samudavanija, Educating Thai Democracy

Books in Review

Stanislaw Baranczak on "Between East and West: Writings from 'Kultura'"

Daniel Brumberg on "Associational Life in Twentieth-Century Egypt" [End Page 126]



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