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  • TDR Volume 51 Index

T193: vol. 51, no. 1 (Spring 2007)

T194: vol. 51, no. 2 (Summer 2007)

T195: vol. 51, no. 3 (Fall 2007)

T196: vol. 51, no. 4 (Winter 2007)

By Author

Amine, Khalid, “Performing Gender on the Tremulous Moroccan Body: A Critique of Zoubeir Ben Bouchta’s Lalla J’mila” (Critical Act) 4:167–173

Ashton, Edwina, and Steve Baker, “The Salon of Becoming-Animal” (Animal Act) 1:169–75

Atay, Citron, “A Letter from Jaffa” 4:64–65

Baker, Steve, and Edwina Ashton, “The Salon of Becoming-Animal” (Animal Act) 1:169–75

Barlow, Judith, “Susan Glaspell: Her Life and Times by Linda Ben-Zvi” (Book Review) 2:191

Bay-Cheng, Sarah, “Women, Modernism, and Performance by Penny Farfan” (Book Review) 2:187–89

Blair, Rhonda, “I’ve Been Provoked: Pushing against the Bush Library” (Provocation) 3:2–3

Brady, Sara, “Cargo Sofia: A Bulgarian Truck Ride through Dublin” (Critical Act) 4:162–167

Carlson, Marvin, “‘I Am Not an Animal’: Jan Fabre’s Parrots and Guinea Pigs” (Animal Act) 1:166–69

Carlson, Marvin, “Social Performance: Symbolic Action, Cultural Pragmatics, and Ritual edited by Jeffrey C. Alexander, Bernhard Giesen, and Jason L. Mast” (Book Review) 3:192–94

Caspão, Paula, “Stroboscopic Stutter: on the not-yet-captured ontological condition of limit-attractions” (Dance and Philosophy section) 2:136–56

Cayer, Jennifer, “Ghosts of Theatre and Cinema in the Brain by Mark Pizzato; Ghosts: Death’s Double and the Phenomena of Theatre by Alice Rayner” (Book Review) 4:178–181

Chambers-Letson, Joshua, “The Politics of Failure: Nao Bustamante’s Hero” (Critical Act) 3:174–81

Chaudhuri, Una, “(De)Facing the Animals: Zooësis and Performance” 1:8–20

Cheng, Meiling, “Animalworks in China” 1:63–91

Cody, Gabrielle, “Understanding Adrienne Kennedy by Philip C. Kolin” (Book Review) 2:189–91 [End Page 185]

Davies, Victoria Anderson, “Creative Endurance and the Face Machine: RoseAnne Spradlin’s Survival Cycle” 3:156–66

DeFrantz, Thomas F., “Exhausting Dance: Performance and the Politics of Movement by André Lepecki” (Book Review) 3:189–92

Dombek, Kristin, “Murder in the Theme Park: Evangelical Animals and the End of the World” 1:138–53

van Doorn, Mark, Evert van Loenen, and Arjen de Vries, “Performing in Ambient Narratives: Supporting Everyday Life Performances with Technology” 4:68–79

DuComb, Christian, “Present-Day Kutiyattam: G. Venu’s Radical and Reactionary Sanskrit Theatre” 3:98–117

Edmondson, Laura, “Of Sugarcoating and Hope” (TDR Comment) 2:7–10

Farman, Jason, “Upstaged: Making Theatre in the Media Age by Anne Nicholson Weber” (Book Review) 4:177–178

Fox, Hannah, “Playback Theatre: Inciting Dialogue and Building Community through Personal Story” 4:89–105

Goldman, Danielle, “Deborah Hay’s O, O” (Dance and Philosophy section) 2:157–70

Goulish, Matthew and Lin Hixson, “A Lasting Provocation” (Provocation) 4:2–3

Greiner, Christine, “Researching Dance in the Wild: Brazilian Experiences” (Dance and Philosophy Section) 3:140–55

Harries, Martin, “Regarding the Pain of Rats: Kim Jones’s Rat Piece” (Animal Act) 1:160–65

Hughes, David Ashley, “Notes on the German Theatre Crisis” 4:133–155

Jakovljevic, Branislav, “Alfred Jarry: An Imagination in Revolt by Jill Fell” (Book Review) 3:196–97

Jakovljevic, Branislav, “Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman” (Book Review) 1:183–85

Kim, Suk-Young, “Springtime for Kim Il-sung in Pyongyang: City On Stage, City As Stage” 2:24–40

Kruger, Loren, “‘White Cities,’ ‘Diamond Zulus,’ and the ‘African Contribution to Human Advancement’: African Modernities and the World’s Fairs” 3:19–45

Kubiak, Anthony, “The Theatre of Transformation: Postmodernism in American Drama by Kerstin Schmidt; Expressionism and Modernism in the American Theater: Bodies, Voices, Words by Julia A. Walker” (Book Review) 2:192–95

Kuppers, Petra, “The Wheelchair’s Rhetoric: The Performance of Disability” 4:80–88

Kurkijan, Beth, “Causing More Trouble Out There: Mark Russell on P.S. 122” 3:46–79

Larlham, Daniel, “Transforming Geographies and Reconfigured Spaces: South Africa’s National Arts Festival” (Critical Act) 3:182–88

Leiter, Samuel L., “Unspeakable Acts: The Avant-Garde Theatre of Terayama Shūji and Postwar Japan by Carol Fisher Sorgenfrei” (Book Review) 2:195

Lepecki, André, “Choreography...


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