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Brooks, Peter. Henry James and Dirty French Novels. 202-12.
Butterworth-McDermott, Christine. James's Fractured Fairy-Tale: How the Governess Gets Grimm. 43-56.
Davidson, Guy. Ornamental Identity: Commodity Fetishism, Masculinity, and Sexuality in The Golden Bowl. 26-42.
Eastham, Andrew. "Conventional Signs and Consecrations": Henry James's Theatrical Forms, from "The Théâtre Français" to The Portrait of a Lady. 269-80.
Jang, Kiyoon. Governess as Ghostwriter: Unauthorized Authority and Uncanny Authorship in Henry James's "The Turn of the Screw." 13-25.
Kurnick, David. What Does Jamesian Style Want? 213-22.
Matheson, Neill. Intimacy and Form: James on Hawthorne's Charm. 120-39.
McBride, Christine. The Plot against Narration: Disavowal in The Spoils of Poynton. 249-58.
Meyers, Jeffrey. "Daisy Miller" and the Romantic Poets. 94-100.
Mitchell, Lee Clark. "Ghostlier Demarcations, Keener Sounds": Scare Quotes in "The Jolly Corner." 223-31.
O'Hara, Daniel T. "Monstrous Levity": Between Realism and Vision in Two of Henry James's Artist-Tales. 242-48.
Pearson, Maeve. Re-exposing the Jamesian Child: The Paradox of Children's Privacy. 101-19. [End Page 304]
Puckett, Kent. Stupid Sensations: Henry James, Good Form, and Reading Middlemarch Without a Brain. 292-98.
Raw, Laurence. The Wings of the Dove: An Unproduced Film Script (1949). 174-81.
Ribbat, Christoph. "Attracted by a Dusky Object": Henry James's "The Patagonia" and Its Atlantic Context. 1-12.
Rubery, Matthew. Wishing to Be Interviewed in Henry James's The Reverberator. 57-72.
Scott, Rebekah. A Fitting "Form": The Ethical Bearing of a Keyword in Roderick Hudson. 232-41.
Stivers, David. Witnessing the Invisible: Narrative Mediation in The Princess Casamassima. 159-73.
Storm, William. The "Impossible" Miriam Rooth: Performance, Painting, and Spectatorship in The Tragic Muse. 73-93.
Stougaard-Nielsen, Jakob. Frontispieces and Other Ruins: Portraits of the Author in Henry James's New York Edition. 140-58.
Warhol, Robyn R. Narrative Refusals and Generic Transformation in Austen and James: What Doesn't Happen in Northanger Abbey and The Spoils of Poynton. 259-68.
Wortman, William. The "Interminable Dramatic Daisy Miller." 281-91.

Book Reviews

Mosley, David L. Review of Michael Halliwell, Opera and the Novel: The Case of Henry James. 299-301.
Savoy, Eric. Elizabeth Robins's Hair. Review of Penny Farfan, Women, Modernism, and Performance. 182-98. [End Page 305]


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