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Demography 44.4 (2007) 930-933

Demography, volume 44 numbers 1–4
Ahituv, Avner and Robert I. Lerman. How Do Marital Status, Work Effort, and Wage Rates Interact? 623–647
Akresh, Ilana Redstone. U.S. Immigrants' Labor Market Adjustment: Additional Human Capital Investment and Earnings Growth 865–881
Alter, George, Martin Dribe, and Frans van Poppel. Widowhood, Family Size, and Postreproductive Mortality: A Comparative Analysis of Three Populations in Nineteenth-Century Europe 785–806
Amuedo-Dorantes, Catalina and Kusum Mundra. Social Networks and Their Impact on the Earnings of Mexican Migrants 849–863
Axinn, William G. See Sarah R. Brauner-Otto 747–770
Behrman, Jere R. See Hans-Peter Kohler 1–33
Billari, Francesco C. and Aart C. Liefbroer. Should I Stay or Should I Go? The Impact of Age Norms on Leaving Home 181–198
Brauner-Otto, Sarah R., William G. Axinn, Dirgha J. Ghimire. The Spread of Health Services and Fertility Transition 747–770
Burr, Jeffrey A. See Jan E. Mutchler 251–263
Cai, Liming and James Lubitz. Was There Compression of Disability for Older Americans From 1992 to 2003? 479–495
Casterline, John B. and Laila O. El-Zeini. The Estimation of Unwanted Fertility 729–745
Chou, Shin-Yi. See Ming-Jen Lin 335–343
Chuang, Yi-Li. See Zachary Zimmer 289–305
Cohen, Yinon and Yitchak Haberfeld. Self-Selection and Earnings Assimilation: Immigrants From the Former Soviet Union in Israel and the United States 649–668
Cornman, Jennifer C. See Vicki A. Freedman 459–477
Dalla-Zuanna, Gianpiero. See Ester Lucia Rizzi 705–728
Daniels, Kimberly. See Robert Schoen 807–820
DeRose, Laurie F. and Øystein Kravdal. Educational Reversals and First-Birth Timing in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Dynamic Multilevel Approach 59–77
Donner, William R. The Political Ecology of Disaster: An Analysis of Factors Influencing U.S. Tornado Fatalities and Injuries, 1998–2000 669–685
Dribe, Martin. See George Alter 785–806
El-Zeini, Laila O. See John B. Casterline 729–745
Entwisle, Barbara. Putting People Into Place 687–703
Evans, David K. and Edward Miguel. Orphans and Schooling in Africa: A Longitudinal Analysis 35–57
Fletcher, Jason M. Social Multipliers in Sexual Initiation Decisions Among U.S. High School Students 373–388
Franzetta, Kerry. See Jennifer Manlove 603–621
Freedman, Vicki A., Robert F. Schoeni, Linda G. Martin, and Jennifer C. Cornman. Chronic Conditions and the Decline in Late-Life Disability 459–477
Frisbie, W. Parker. See Robert A. Hummer 441–457
Furstenberg, Frank F. Jr. See Karen Benjamin Guzzo 583–601
Ghimire, Dirgha J. See Sarah R. Brauner-Otto 747–770 [End Page 930]
Giles, John and Ren Mu. Elderly Parent Health and the Migration Decisions of Adult Children: Evidence From Rural China 265–288
Glick, Jennifer E. See Jennifer Van Hook 225–249
Gordon, Rachel A., Robert Kaestner, and Sanders Korenman. The Effects of Maternal Employment on Child Injuries and Infectious Disease 307–333
Gossman, Ginger L. See Robert A. Hummer 441–457
Grice, Steven Michael. See Daniel T. Lichter 563–581
Gu, Danan. See Zeng Yi 497–518
Guilkey, David. See Ronald R. Rindfuss 345–372
Guzzo, Karen Benjamin. See Ronald R. Rindfuss 345–372
Guzzo, Karen Benjamin and Frank F. Furstenberg, Jr. Multipartnered Fertility Among American Men 583–601
Haas, Steven A. The Long-Term Effects of Poor Childhood Health: An Assessment and Application of Retrospective Reports 113–135
Haberfeld, Yitchak. See Yinon Cohen 649–668
Hamil-Luker, Jennifer and Angela M. O'Rand. Gender Differences in the Link Between Childhood Socioeconomic Conditions and Heart Attack Risk in Adulthood 137–158
Heuveline, Patrick and Bunnak Poch. The Phoenix Population: Demographic Crisis and Rebound in Cambodia 405–426
Hossain, Mian Bazle, James F. Phillips, and Thomas K. LeGrand. The Impact of Childhood Mortality on Fertility in Six Rural Thanas of Bangladesh 771–784
Hummer, Robert A., Daniel A. Powers, Starling G. Pullum, Ginger L. Gossman, and W. Parker Frisbie. Paradox Found (Again): Infant Mortality Among the Mexican-Origin Population in the United States 441–457
Kaestner, Robert. See Rachel A. Gordon 307–333
Kalmijn, Matthijs, Anneke Loeve, and Dorien Manting...


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