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Florence S. Boos is Professor of English at the University of Iowa. She is the editor of History and Community: Essays in Victorian Medievalism (1992) and author of The Design of William Morris' The Earthly Paradise (1991).

Ayşe Çelikkol is Assistant Professor of English at Macalester College. Her current research focuses on tropes of exchange in nineteenth-century British fiction and political economy.

Benjamin F. Fisher, Professor of English, University of Mississippi, has published essays on Mrs. J. H. Riddell, Marie Corelli, A. E. Housman, and Poe. He is also editing Ella D'Arcy's letters and working on a book on John Lane's Keynotes Series, and a shorter study of laughter in Tennyson's poems.

Linda K. Hughes is Professor of English at Texas Christian University. She is the author of The Manyfacèd Glass: Tennyson's Dramatic Monologues (1987) and co-author, with Michael Lund, of The Victorian Serial (1991).

Nicholas Joukovsky is Professor of English at Pennsylvania State University. He had edited The Letters of Thomas Love Peacock (2 vols., 2001) and is currently writing a life of Peacock. Several of his articles have thown new light on George Meredith's first marriage to Peacock's daughter Mary Ellen.

Joshua King is a Ph.D. candidate at Harvard University completing his dissertation on the efforts of nineteenth-century British poets to solicit reading practices and the responses of their contemporaries. He envisions a future project on the association of private reading with participation in a communion of saints in nineteenth-century British literature and culture.

Yisrael Levin is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of English at the University of Victoria. His dissertation focuses on Swinburne's poetic representations of Apollo and explores the formation of Swinburne's Apollonian theology.

Jeffrey B. Loomis teaches at Northwest Missouri State University. He is the author of Dayspring in Darkness: Sacrament in Hopkins (1988).

The late Margot K. Louis was Associate Professor of English at the University of Victoria and author of Swinburne and His Gods: The Roots and Growth of an Agnostic Poetry (1990).

Clinton Machann is Professor of English at Texas A&M University. Among his publications are The Genre of Autobiography in Victorian Literature (1994), The Essential Matthew Arnold: An Annotated Bibliography of Major Modern Sources (1993), and Matthew Arnold: A Literary Life (1998).

Rosemarie Morgan, research fellow at Yale University, is author of Women and Sexuality in the Novels of Thomas Hardy (1988), Cancelled Words: Rediscovering Thomas Hardy (1992), and A Student Companion to Thomas Hardy (Greenwood, 2006). She is currently editing a Research Companion to Thomas Hardy (Ashgate, 2008).

Andrew Stauffer is Associate Professor of English at Boston University. He is the author of Anger, Revolution and Romanticism (2005) and has produced an annotated edition of H. Rider Haggard's She: A History of Adventure (2006). Together with James Loucks, he is also the editor of Robert Browning's Poetry, (W. W. Norton, 2007).

Marjorie Stone is Professor of English and Women's Studies at Dalhousie University. She is author of Elizabeth Barrett Browning (Macmillan and St. Martin, 1995) and co-editor, with Judith Thompson, of Literary Couplings and the Construction of Authorship: Writing Couples and Collaborators in Historical Context (forthcoming, Wisconsin Univ. Press).



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