Faulkner remains a popular subject to literary scholars, and the texts that make up his legacy still resonate in contemporary scholarship and fiction. Margaret Donovan Bauer's William Faulkner's Legacy: "What Shadow, What Stain, What Mark" finds Faulkner's legacy an emphatic sway on his noteworthy contemporaries, considering well-trodden issues like psychoanalysis, linguistics, race, sex and voyeurism amid a new examination of postmodern works indebted to Faulkner. Joseph R. Urgo and Ann J. Abadie's Faulkner and His Contemporaries unites scholarship dealing with Faulkner and those who lived and wrote during the same time period, contributing a vital influx of diverse reflections on Faulkner and the impact of his work. Blair Labatt presents an interesting discussion on the fabulas, or "syntax of events," and the way they drive Faulkner's narratives, highlighting how cause, event, and effect function in modern texts.


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