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  • Afternoon, Córdoba
  • Joanne Diaz (bio)

Not the body as a clock      or wheel              or hydraulic rush      or cocked gun but how much the body can do without the mind: the salty joint      and bone and blood, the want and lean toward lime-scented shave and pomade      in still-wet hair, the body gliding toward every muscle and falling from all learned things for one taste of the fine row of hairs along the abdomen and limbs pulsing with light.      It seems so easy      for the mind to vanish            in a narrow switch that begins its journey in the hot slip of afternoon      but the switch never ends: it is a hovering, an incompletion as the mind returns to its ghost.

Joanne Diaz

Joanne Diaz received her MFA from New York University, where she was a New York Times Foundation Fellow. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in AGNI, American Poetry Review, Quarterly West and the Southern Review.



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