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  • A Note from Henry Rosemont, Jr.
  • Henry Rosemont Jr.

After being asked a number of times over the years by friends and colleagues about how to secure a copy of Explorations in Early Chinese Cosmology, published in 1984 by Scholars press but almost immediately difficult to obtain, I re-secured the copyright, and am reissuing the work as a publication-on-demand title through Book Surge Publishers. While I hope others will follow suit in attempting to place their hard-to-obtain works back in print, I do not recommend the particular publisher I chose, for reasons I will narrate to anyone interested, along with matters of copyright, cost, distribution, et cetera. I may be contacted at In any event, the deed is now done in my case, and the book can be purchased through for $13.99, which is the lowest price I was able to negotiate while breaking even with my costs.

The Table of Contents is as follows:

Introduction Henry Rosemont, Jr.
Late Shang Divination: The Magico-Religious Legacy David N. Keightley
The Speech of Prince Chin: A Study of Early Chinese Cosmology James A. Hart
The Concept of Change in the Great Treatise Gerald Swanson
Ancient Chinese Cosmology and Fa-chia Theory Vitaly A. Rubin
Concepts of Comprehensiveness and Historical Change in the Lu-shih ch'un-ch'iu John Louton
Concepts of Comprehensiveness and Historical Change in the Huai-nan-tzu Jeffrey A. Howard
The Five Phases, Magic Squares, and Schematic Cosmography John S. Major
The Contributors

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Henry Rosemont Jr.
Brown University


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