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College Literature 34.4 (2007) 224-226

Index to Volume 34 (2007)
Ashley, Hannah. [Review of Multicultural Hybridity: Transforming American Literary Scholarship and Pedagody by Laurie Grobman.] (BR). 34.4 (Autumn 2007): 207-09.
Belsky, Scott. A. "The Poet Who Sings Through Us: Homer's Influence in Contemporary Western Culture." (E). 34.2 (Spring 2007): 216-28.
Bess, Jennifer. "Imploding the Miranda Complex in Julia Alvarez's How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents." (E). 34.1 (Winter 2007): 78-105.
Brisbois, Michael J. [Review of Shakespeare and Modernism, by Cary DiPietro.](BR). 34.3 (Spring 2007): 206-08.
Clark, Matthew Clark. "Poulydamas and Hector." (E). 34.2 (Spring 2007): 85-106.
Clausson, Nils. "Practicing Deconstruction, Again: Blindness, Insight and the Lovely Treachery of Words in D. H. Lawrence's The Blind Man." (E). 34.1 (Winter 2007): 106-28.
Cook, Rufus. "'The Penelope Work of Forgetting': Dreams, Memory, and the Recovery of Wholeness in Joy Kogawa's Obasan."(E). 34.3 (Spring 2007): 54-69.
Decker, James M. "Literary Text, Cinematic 'Edition': Adaptation, Textual Authority, and the Filming of Tropic of Cancer." (E). 34.3 (Spring 2007): 140-60.
DiMatteo, Anthony. [Review of A Year in the Life of William Shakespeare 1599, by James Shapiro.] (BR). 34.4 (Autumn 2007): 204-06
DiMatteo, Anthony. "Was Shakespeare a Republican?" [Reviews of Shakespeare, National Poet-Playwright, by Patrick Cheney; Shakespeare and Republicanism, by Andrew Hadfield; Nation, State and Empire in English Renaissance Literature: Shakespeare to Milton, by Willy Maley; Republicanism: A Shared European Heritage. 1: Republicanism and Constitutionalism Early Modern Europe, ed. Quentin Skinner and Martin van Gelderen; Republicanism: A Shared European HeritageVol. II:The Values of Republicanism in Early Modern Europe, ed. Quentin Skinner and Martin van Gelderen.] (RE). 34.1. (Winter 2007): 196-212.
Donadey Anne. "Overlapping and Interlocking Frames for Humanities Literary Studies Assia Djebar, Tsitsi Dangarembga, Gloria Anzaldúa." (E). 34.4 (Autumn 2007): 22-42
Dué, Casey. "Learning Lessons from the Trojan War: Briseis and the Theme of Force." (E). 34.2 (Spring 2007): 229-62.
Eggert, Paul. "The Bushranger's Voice: Peter Carey's True History of the Kelly Gang (2000) and Ned Kelley's Jerilderie Letter (1879)." (E). 34.3 (Spring 2007): 120-39.
Entzminger, Betina. "In Our Own Image: Three New Approaches to Canonical American Literature." [Reviews of Whitewashing Uncle Tom's Cabin: Nineteenth-Century Women Novelists Respond to Stowe, by Joy Jordan-Lake; White Liberal Identity, Literary Pedagogy, and Classic American Realism by Philip Barrish; Reinventing the South:Versions of a Literary Region ,by Mark Royden Winchell.] (RE). 34.3 (Spring 2007): 184-92.
Foley, John Miles. "Reading' Homer Through Oral Tradition." (E). 34.2 (Spring 2007): 1-28. [End Page 224]
Fortunato,Paul L. "Wildean Philosophy with a Needle and Thread: Consumer Fashion at the Origins of Modernist Aesthetics." (E). 34.3 (Spring 2007): 37-53.
Furr, Derek. [Review of How to Read a Poem, by Terry Eagleton.] (BR). 34.3 (Spring 2007): 203-05.
Giesecke, Annette Lucia. "Mapping Utopia: Homer's Politics and the Birth of the Polis Homer's Influence on Contemporary Culture." (E). 34.2 (Spring 2007): 194-215.
Hada, Kenneth.166 "The Power to Undo Sin: Race, History and Literary Blackness in Rilla Askew's Fire in Beulah." (E). 34.4 (Autumn 2007): 166-89.
Hantke, Steffen.191 "Academic Film Criticism, the Rhetoric of Crisis, and the Current State of American Horror Cinema: Thoughts on Canonicity and Academic Anxiety" (N). 34.4 (Autumn 2007): 191-202.
Heard, Matthew. "Dancing is Dancing No Matter Who is Doing It: Zora Neale Hurston, Literacy, and Contemporary Writing Pedagogy." (E). 34.1 (Winter 2007): 129-155.
Hernández, Pura Nieto. "Reading Homer in the 21st Century: Interpreting Homer's Texts." (E). 34.2 (Spring 2007): 29-55.
Ingram, Claudia. "The Impure and the Sacred in the Work of Brigit Pegeen Kelly." (E). 34.1 (Winter 2007): 52-77.
Jones, Susan. "Modernism and the Marketplace: The Case of Conrad's Chance"(E). 34.3 (Spring 2007): 101-19.
Launius, Christie. "The Three Rs:Reading (W)riting, and Romance: in Class Mobility Narratives by Yexierska Smedley and Saxton." (E). 34.4 (Autumn...


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