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Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 50.4 (2007) 1-5

Volume 50 Index


Culture and Society

Samuel Beckett's Rockaby: Dramatizing the Plight of the Solitary Elderlyat Life's End 260
Hunter Groninger and Marcia Day Childress
A Picture of Health? Unmasking the Role of Appearance in Health 421
Annemarie Jutel and Stephen Buetow
The Role of Scientists in the Beginning-of-Life Debate: A 25-Year Retrospective 603
Arthur Caplan and Thomas A. Marino

Ethics and Philosophy

Contemporary Art and the Ethics of Anatomy 104
Y. Michael Barilan
Toward a Broader Notion of Community 124
Beverly Rockhill Levine
The New Israeli Law on the Care of the Terminally Ill: ConceptualInnovations Waiting for Implementation 557
Y. Michael Barilan
Putting Concerns about Nature in Context: The Case of AgriculturalBiotechnology 572
Gregory Kaebnick

History and Biography

Louisa May Alcott: Her Mysterious Illness 243
Norbert Hirschhorn and Ian A. Greaves [End Page 1]
Infant Mortality Decline in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries: The Role of Market Milk 585
Kwang-Sun Lee

Medical Education and Practice

"Sweeping Up After the Parade": Professional, Ethical, and Patient CareImplications of "Turfing" 136
Catherine V. Caldicott
The Technological Imperative and the Battle for the Hearts of America 276
Muriel R. Gillick
"Our Options Have Changed . . . We Will Not Call You Back" 435
Carla M. Messikomer
Between Health and Illness 444
Peter G. Davies

Science and Medicine

A Hormone for All Seasons 89
Jamshed R. Tata
The Revolution in Psychiatric Diagnosis: Problems at the Foundations 161
Isaac R. Galatzer-Levy and Robert M. Galatzer-Levy
Premenstrual Syndrome: An Evolutionary Perspective on Its Causes and Treatment 181
Caroline Doyle, Holly A. Swain Ewald, and Paul W. Ewald
Racialized Genetics and the Study of Complex Diseases: The ThriftyGenotype Revisited 203
Yin C. Paradies, Michael J. Montoya, and Stephanie M. Fullerton
Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)—One or Several Diseases? Changes inthe Prevalence and Features of CHD 228
Maria Inês Azambuja and Richard Levins

Essay Reviews

Difference and Identity 150
Susan B. Glick
Do Think Twice: Kramer and Shenk on Depression 295
Erik Parens
Tissue Economies: Biomedicine and Commercialization 308
Donna L. Dickenson
Adaptive Management and the Philosophy of Environmental Policy 453
Richard B. Howarth [End Page 2]
Nervous Management of Modern Science 459
Robert Michael Brain
Complexity: Unruly and Otherwise 614
Richard Bawden
The Rest Is Silence 625
Yair Neuman

Book Reviews

Philosophy of Experimental Biology 158
by Marcel Weber / reviewed by Jason Scott Robert
Lovers and Livers: Disease Concepts in History 312
by Jacalyn Duffin / reviewed by Mindy A. Schwartz
The Plausibility of Life: Resolving Darwin's Dilemma 314
by Marc W. Kirschner and John C. Gerhart / reviewed by Robert L. Perlman
The Midnight Meal and Other Essays About Doctors, Patients, and Medicine 466
by Jerome Lowenstein / reviewed by Howard Spiro
The Cult of Pharmacology: How America Became the World's Most TroubledDrug Culture 467
by Richard DeGrandpre / reviewed by David Healy
Choosing Children: The Ethical Dilemmas of Genetic Intervention 471
by Jonathan Glover / reviewed by Peter J. Smith and Mary B. Mahowald
Medicine and the Market: Equity vs. Choice 474
by Daniel Callahan and Angela A. Wasunna / reviewed by James Lindemann Nelson
Jake, Leon Jacobson, M.D.: The Life and Work of a Distinguished Medical Scientist 629
by Eugene Goldwasser / reviewed by Janet D. Rowley
How Doctors Think: Clinical Judgment and the Practice of Medicine 633
by Kathryn Montgomery / reviewed by James Lindemann Nelson
A Death Retold: Jesica Santillan, the Bungled Transplant, and the Paradoxesof Medical Citizenship 637
by Keith Wailoo, Julie Livingston, and Peter Guarnaccia / reviewed by Walter Glannon
The First Miracle Drugs: How the Sulfa Drugs Transformed Medicine 639
by John E. Lesch / reviewed by Milton Wainwright

Medicine and Industry

Edited by Morris A. Fisher

Medicine and Industry: A Necessary but Conflicted Relationship 1
Morris A. Fisher [End Page 3]
Professional Societies and Industry Support: What Is the Quid Pro Quo? 7
Jerome P. Kassirer
Ghost Marketing: Pharmaceutical Companies and Ghostwritten Journal Articles 18
Barton Moffatt and Carl Elliott
Medical Education and the Pharmaceutical Industry 32
Robert L. Goodman
Point-of-Service Nerve Conduction...


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