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  • Volume Twenty-Two Author Index

ACKERMAN, Ari "Judging the Sinner Favorably": R. HayyimHirschensohn on the Need for Leniency in Halakhic Decision-Making 261

AVNERI, Joseph A National "Guide of the Perplexed" Published 110 Years Ago: A Review Essay 199

BERGER, David The Fragility of Religious Doctrine: Accounting for Orthodox Acquiescence in the Belief in a Second Coming 103

CAPLAN, Kimmy The Holocaust in Contemporary Israeli Haredi Popular Religion 142

EISEN, Arnold (review of) The Fence and the Neighbor: Emmanuel Levinas, Yeshayahu Leibowitz, and Israel Among the Nations by AdamZachary Newton 281

FINKELMAN, Yoel Haredi Isolation in Changing Environments: A Case Study in Yeshiva Immigration 61

HAUS, Jeffrey Liberté, Égalité, Utilité: Jewish Education and State in Nineteenth-Century France 1

JOSEPH, Norma Baumel Ritual, Law, and Praxis: An American Response/a to Bat Mitsva Celebrations 234

KOREN, Israel Between Buber's Daniel and His I and Thou: A New Examination 169

NASH, Stanley Authors and Women as Antiheroes in Aharon Megged's Later Works 28

REDNER, Harry Philosophers and Anti-Semitism 115 [End Page 289]

WASSERMANN, Henry The Wissenschaft des Judentums and Protestant Theology: A Review Essay 83

WHITFIELD, Stephen J. Where They Burn Books . . . 213 [End Page 290]



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