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Meg Samuelson has informed RAL that her article, "Yvonne Vera's Bulawayo" (volume 38, number 2), was printed with two errors. The words "crack upon" both in the abstract (line 10) and in the first line of page 23 should read "crack open." RAL regrets the error. [End Page 227]

Heloísa Toller Gomes has drawn our attention to an error in the first sentence of her article, "Afro-Brazilian Literature: Spaces Conquered, Spaces In-between" (p. 152), from the special issue on lusophone African literature (RAL 38.1 [2007]). The sentence should have read "Afro-Brazilian culture, that offspring of the Black Diaspora [. . .]," whereas what was printed was "Brazilian culture, that offspring of the Black Diaspora [. . .]," changing the very meaning of that sentence. RAL regrets the error.



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