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  • The Book of Ruth and the Lunar Calendar
  • Steven R. Weiner (bio)

Ruth is the moonAnd the sun is Naomi'sWaning memory of God.

When God was saidTo have forgotten his peopleThere was a famineIn the house of bread.

Or was it that NaomiForgot God, then rememberedOr God forgot and then Naomi,Embittered, took revenge byForgetting herself? [End Page 56]

Walking in the fallow fieldsOf the wasted fathers,Where she lost her childrenThen found a child,Naomi heardThat God remembered.

The light when sheRecollected HashemWas so full in the face of the moonThat Ruth followed,A beacon in the night,Like sparks from a fallen star,Light-centuries awayWhose flickering reaches usLong after the nova itself has faded,A memory of light like a memory of God,Gleaned from the cornersOf a fallow field.

We are the moonWaxing and waning,All of our yearsReflectingAnother flame. [End Page 57]

Steven R. Weiner

Steven R. Weiner is a nurse (for 26 years), a nurse practitioner (for about 20 of them) and hospital administrator (for 15 years). He's written poetry longer than that, but hasn't published since college, until now. He and Robin (best friend and wife) live 50 miles north of New York City with two incredible daughters, Catie and Emily, their dog, and three cats. The path here was winding, but it got me here, and I'm grateful for almost all of it.



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