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• Robert V. Bartlett is the Gund Professor of Liberal Arts in the Political Science Department at the University of Vermont. In 2007 he was the Fulbright Distinguished Chair of Environmental Policies at the Politecnico di Torino in Turin, Italy. He has published many books and articles on environmental politics and public policy. His most recent book, with Walter F. Baber, is Deliberative Environmental Politics: Democracy and Ecological Rationality (2005).

• Manjusha Gupte is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and Political Science at North Dakota State University. Her research interests include community conservation, globalization, and gender and development.

• Stine Madland Kaasa is working at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on environment and sustainable development issues. Previously she was a research assistant at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute in Norway. She holds a Master in Political Science from the University of Oslo.

• Eric Neumayer is Professor of Environment and Development in the Department of Geography and Environment at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He has wide-ranging research interests, mostly relating to evidence-based public policy. He is the author of three books and has published in a range of political science, geography and economics journals.

• Richard Perkins is Lecturer in Environmental Geography in the Department of Geography and Environment at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). His research interests centre on the global diffusion of innovations, environmental policy and corporate environmentalism. His articles have largely appeared in Geography journals.

• Aseem Prakash is Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Washington-Seattle. His research focuses on non-governmental institutions, specifically the ISO 14000 and 9000 standards. He is also examining issues pertaining to: (1) NGO advocacy and (2) the impact of trade and FDI networks on host countries' macro and micro institutions. He is the author of Greening the Firm (2000), the co-author of The Voluntary Environmentalists (2006), and the co-editor of Coping with Globalization (2000), Responding to Globalization (2000), and Globalization and Governance (1999).

• Ingvild Andreassen Sæverud worked as research fellow at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute in Norway from 2004 to 2006. Her main research interests are climate [End Page iii] and energy policy. Sæverud now works as an adviser on climate policy in the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment, and has previously worked with the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy

• Mukul Sanwal is a staff member of the United Nations since 1993 dealing with environment, sustainable development and inter-agency affairs. He has prior experience with the Government of India in the design and implementation of anti poverty programmes, conservation and pollution control and training. His current research interests center around strategies for institutional reform in the UN, innovative means to support international cooperation, and the development of partnerships between governments, private sector and local communities for environmentally sustainable economic growth.

• Henrik Selin is an Assistant Professor in the Department of International Relations at Boston University, where he conducts research and teaches classes on global, regional and national politics and policy making on environment and sustainable development. On these issues, he has published numerous journal articles, book chapters and working papers. His article in this issue combines two areas of his research interests—the politics of chemicals management and European environmental policy-making. Prior to his current faculty position, he spent three years as a Wallenberg Post-doctoral Fellow in Environment and Sustainability at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

• Jon Birger Skjærseth is Senior Research Fellow at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute and visiting researcher at the Bren School, University of California, Santa Barbara. His research interests are international environmental cooperation, EU environmental policy, national environmental policy and the strategies of non-state actors, particularly multinational companies. He has published numerous books and articles in these fields, such as the following books: Climate Change and the Oil Industry—Common Problem, Varying Strategies (2003, with Tora Skodvin); International Regimes and Norway's Environmental Policy—Crossfire and Coherence (2004); EU Emissions Trading—Initiation, Decision-making and Implementation (forthcoming 2007, with Jørgen Wettestad). [End Page iv]



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