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  • Living With Your Diagnosis:A Few Tips
  • Debra Bruce (bio)

Watch out-those loved ones might knock you downto take it from you, hold it, shush it-eyes wide with hope, then hand it back.Never mind who walks awayas if there's nothing there.

It's easier after everyone forgets.Let them believe behind youinstead of everywhere as you learnto watch your step, shift your weight,make room in all your plans.

The trick is not giving in to its constant demands,those whiffs and whispers at the kitchen sinkas ozone gusts through the window you shoved unstuck.Pretend it isn't even on your radar.Don't encourage it with direct attention

any more than you'd chat with an oncoming storm,especially one with tendencies toward rotation.Let it swirl, let it fumein deep summer's fragrance and danger.Just keep putting those dishes away, matter-of-factly.

I never said you were going to love it, exactly. [End Page 139]

Debra Bruce

Debra Bruce has poetry published or forthcoming in recent issues of the Christian Science Monitor, Dark Horse, Measure, Shenandoah, and the Virginia Quarterly Review.



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