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  • Books Received, Fall-Spring 2001-2002
Anastasopoulos, Dimitri. A Larger Sense of Harvey. DuBois, PA: Mammoth Books. 2001. Pp. 413.
Bita, Lili. inline graphic/Striking the Sky. Translated by Robert Zaller. 1997. New York: Pella. Pp. 91.
Bita, Lili. The Scorpion and Other Stories. New York: Pella. 1998. Pp. 208.
Bita, Lili. Lethe. New York: Pella. 2001. Pp. 45.
Demoen, Kristoffel, editor. The Greek City from Antiquity to the Present: Historical Reality, Ideological Reconstruction, Literary Representation. Leuven: Peeters. 2002. Pp. 245.
Diamandouros, Nikiforos and Richard Gunther, editors. Parties, Politics and Democracy in the New Southern Europe. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins. 2001. Pp. 471.
Dimitriou, Sotiris. May Your Name Be Blessed. Translated by Leo Marshall. Birmingham: University of Birmingham. 2000. Pp. 84.
Doulis, Thomas. The Open Heart: The First Generation. Author's Publication (Xlibris). 2000. Pp. 480.
Fessas-Emmanouil, Eleni. inline graphic. Athens: Author's publication. 2001. Pp. 476.
Galanaki, Rhea. I Shall Sign as Loui. Translated by Helen Dendrinou Kolias. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press. 2000. Pp. 201.
Gregoriou, George. Cyprus: A View from the Diaspora. New York: Smyrna Press. 2000. Pp. 238.
Grekou, Agori. inline graphic1833-1933. Athens: Ekdoseis Alexandria. 2000. Pp. 398.
Hadzioannou, Maria Christina. inline graphicinline graphic. 201inline graphicinline graphic. Kozani: Kentro Ellinikon Erevnon. 2000. Pp. 358.
Ioannides, Chris P. Realpolitik in the Eastern Mediterranean. New York: Pella. 2001. Pp. 523.
Ionas, Ioannis. Traditional Pottery and Potters in Cyprus: The Disappearance of an Ancient Craft Industry in the 19th and 20th Centuries. (Birmingham Byzantine and Ottoman Monographs No. 6.) Burlington, VT: Ashgate. 2000. Pp. 262.
Kaftantzoglou, Roxani, and Marina Petronoti. inline graphicinline graphic. Athens: National Center for Social Research. 2000. Pp. 216 (English summary included).
Kalamara, Vaso. inline graphic. Melbourne: Owl. 2001. Pp. 102.
Kalligas, Pavlos Thanos Vlekas. Translated by Thomas Doulis. Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press. 2001. Pp. 211.
Kallinis, Yorgos. inline graphicinline graphic. Thessaloniki: University Studio Press. 2001. Pp. 328
Kardasis, Vassilis. Diaspora Merchants in the Black Sea: The Greeks in Southern Russia, 1885-1861. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books. 2001. Pp. 256. [End Page 171]
Karydis, D. N. and M. Keil. inline graphic(15inline graphic-19inline graphicinline graphic). Athens: Olkos. 2000. Pp. 227, maps, photographs.
Palairet, Michael. The Four Ends of the Greek Hyperinflation of 1941-1946. Copenhagen: Museum Tusculanum Press. 2000. Pp. 168.
Patsalidis, Savas and Elizabeth Sakellaridou. (Dis) Placing Classical Greek Theater. Thessaloniki: University Studio Press. 1999. Pp. 498.
Petsalis-Diomides, Nicholas. The Unknown Callas: The Greek Years. Portland, OR: Amadeus Press. 2000. Pp. 672, photographs.
Psomiades, Harry. The Eastern Qusestion: The Last Phase. New York: Pella. 2000. Pp. 145, maps.
Ritsos, Yannis. Selected Poems (1935-1989): A Voice of Resilience and Hope. Translated by George Pilitsis. 2001. Brookline, MA: Hellenic College Press. 2001. Pp. 423.
Roudometof, Victor. Nationalism, Globalization, and Orthodoxy: The Social Origins of Ethnic Conflict in the Balkans. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press. 2001. Pp. 304.
Rossides, Eugene T., editor. Greece's Pivotal Role in World War II and its Importance to the U.S. Today. Washington, D.C.: American Hellenic Institute Foundation. 2001. Pp. 188, photographs.
Terentyeva, Natalia. inline graphic. (Bi-lingual Russian/English). Kiev: Aquilon Press. 1993. Pp. 352.
Warn, Faith. Bitter Sea: The Real Story of Greeek Sponge Diving. South Woodham Ferrers, UK: Guardian Angel. 2000. Pp. 128, photographs.

Journals and Periodicals

Ithaca: Books from Greece nos. 10 and 11, July-August 2001, September-October, 2001.

Journal of South East European and Black Sea Studies. vol. 1, no. 1, Jan. 2001. (Special issue on Balkan reconstruction.)

Terrain, no. 37, Autumn 2001 (Special edition: "Musique et é motion".) [End Page 172]



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