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American Jewish History 93.1 (2007) 77-84

American Jewish Studies:
A Periodic Report of the Status of the Field
Rafael Medoff

Recent Dissertations in American Jewish Studies
(Continued from American Jewish History, Vol. 89, No.3)


  1. Assif, Maria. Mother-Daughter Relationships in Asian and Jewish American Literatures. (Case Western Reserve University)
  2. Beckwith, Bernard. Psychological Help-Seeking for Soviet-Jewish Immigrants in Chicago. (Adler School of Professional Psychology)
  3. Epstein, Yael. European Jewish Refugee Chemists in the United States: Adjustment, Achievements and Jewish Identity. (Michigan State University)
  4. Gorsetman, Chaya R. Mentoring Novice Teachers in Selected Modern Orthodox Jewish Day Schools. (Yeshiva University)
  5. Jacobs, Benjamin Marc. The (Trans)formation of American Jews: Jewish Social Studies in Progressive American Jewish Schools, 1910–1940. (Columbia University)
  6. Krinshpun, Shifra. Characterization of the Russian Jewish Population in Brooklyn and Assessment of Their Knowledge about Genetic Carrier Screening. (Sarah Lawrence College)
  7. Lewin, Shoshana Rachel Goldman. Relationship between Sociocultural Factors and Eating Disorder Symptoms Among Orthodox Jewish Women. (Chicago School of Professional Psychology)
  8. Lewis, Janet A. "With the Hips from New York": Jewish Women, Stereotypes, and the Twentieth-Century American Stage (Wendy Wasserstein, Sophie Tucker, Fanny Brice). (University of California)
  9. McGinity, Keren R. Still Jewish: A History of Women and Intermarriage in America. (Brown University)
  10. Podoshen, Jeffrey S. Acculturation, Ethnic Conflict and Equity Theory: The American Jewish Consumer. (Temple University)
  11. Reiss Medwed, Karen G. Three Women Teachers of Talmud and Rabbinics in Jewish Non-Orthodox Day High Schools: Their Stories and Experiences. (New York University)
  12. Ribet, Elizabeth. Memory, Generation, and Post-War Identities: Jewish Daughters of Holocaust Survivors in the United States. (University of California) [End Page 77]
  13. Viola, Alina Sternberg. Self Psychological Development and Treatment of Soviet Russian Jewish Immigrants. (Chicago School of Professional Psychology)
  14. Butler-Smith, Alice A. Limitations of Influence: Eisenhower, the Jews, and the Middle East. (University of Kansas)
  15. Juni-Pollak, Shulamis. Alexithymia among Orthodox Jews: The Role of Object Relations, Family Environment, and the Presence of a Disabled Sibling. (Adelphi University)
  16. Rosenwasser, Penny. Exploring, Resisting, and Healing from Internalized Jewish Oppression: Activist Women's Cooperative Inquiry. (California Institute of Integral Studies)
  17. Rubel, Nora L. "Muggers in Black Coats": Gender and the Ultra-Orthodox in the Jewish American Imagination. (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
  18. Schultz, Kevin Michael. The Decline of the Melting Pot: Catholics, Jews, and Pluralism in Postwar America. (University of California)


  1. Berman, Lila Corwin. Presenting Jews: Jewishness and America, 1920–1960. (Yale University)
  2. Brenner, Lisa Naomi Silberman. The Jazz Singer's Legacy: The Racial Role-Play of African-Americans and Jews in Twentieth Century American Performance. (Columbia University)
  3. Fishman, Aliesa R. Keeping Up with the Goldbergs: Gender, Consumer Culture, and Jewish Identity in Suburban Nassau County, New York, 1946–1960. (American University)
  4. Garland, Libby. Through Closed Gates: Jews and Illegal Immigration to the United States, 1921–1933. (University of Michigan)
  5. Goldberg, Idana. Gender, Religion, and the Jewish Public Sphere in Mid-Nineteenth Century America. (University of Pennsylvania)
  6. Greene, Daniel. The Crisis of Jewish Freedom: the Menorah Association and American Pluralism, 1906–1934. (University of Chicago)
  7. Pianko, Noam F. Diaspora Jewish Nationalism and Identity in America, 1914–1967. (Yale University)
  8. Polland, Anne M. "The Sacredness of the Family": New York's Immigrant Jews and Their Religion, 1890–1930. (Columbia University)
  9. Serlin, Jennifer R. Jewish American Identity: A Grounded-Theory Model. (University of Utah)
  10. 1Strauss, Lauren B. Painting the Town Red: Jewish Visual Artists, Yiddish Culture, and Progressive Politics in New York, 1917–1939. (Jewish Theological Seminary of America) [End Page 78]


  1. Berger, Ellen. Children of Holocaust Survivors: Relations of Perceived Parental Traumatization to Attachment Styles. (Michigan State University)
  2. Drake, Robert George. Manipulating the News: The U.S. Press and the Holocaust, 1933–1945. (State University of New York at Albany)
  3. Ferris, Marcie Cohen. Matzah Ball Gumbo, Gasper Goo Gefilte Fish, and Big Momma's Kreplach: Exploring Southern Jewish Foodways. (George Washington University)
  4. Friedman, Joan Susan. Solomon B. Freehof, the "Reform Responsa," and the Shaping of American Reform Judaism. (Columbia University)
  5. Goldman, Marilyn Kay Cheatham. Jewish Fringes, Texas Fabric: Nineteenth...


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