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  • Letter to the Editor
  • Jennifer Ashton

During the editing of "Our Bodies, Our Poems" (ALH 19.1), an important note was omitted, with the result that credit was not given where it was very much due. My essay was framed by a discussion of "Foulipo," a performance piece by Juliana Spahr and Stephanie Young. I would never have been aware of the performance in the first place without hearing Jennifer Scappettone's analysis at the "How to Read. What to Do." symposium at the University of Chicago in March, 2006. "Foulipo" was the focus of her formal response to a precirculated paper of mine, which was an early version of the essay-review that eventually appeared in ALH. The conjunction of body and language central to "Foulipo," and Jennifer Scappettone's discussion of it, guided my subsequent reframing of that argument. Her incisive reading is forthcoming in a special issue of Modern Philology devoted to the proceedings of that symposium.

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