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Dance Research 25.1 (2007) 84-86

Journals Received
Editor: Michelle Potter
Number 24 June 2006

Mary Whidborne – first Dalcroze teacher in New South Wales by Joan Pope; Guillermo Keys Arenas 1928–2006 by Harry Haythorne; Observing Lois Greenfield by Laura Ross; and The Ballets Russes in Australia 1936–1940: Protée by Michelle Potter.
Editors: Alan Brissenden and Robin Grove
Number 25 December 2006

Editorial; A political soft-shoe shuffle by Mark Carroll; The demanding worldof Rosalind Crisp by Jo Pollitt; Recycling patterns of text, music and dance in Baroqoda by Maggi Phillips; and Galvanising community by Garry Lester.
Dance Chronicle
Editors: George Dorris and Jack Anderson
Volume 29 Number 3 (2006)

Wanted: Bournonville Dead or Alive: Bournonville Past, Present, and Future. Proceedings of the Royal Danish Ballet's 2006 Bournonville Symposium. Editor's Note; Welcome by Michael Christiansen and Frank Andersen; Opening Remarks by George Dorris and Erik Aschengreen; Stepping into the Future by Monna Dithmer; The French Style and the Period by Sandra Noll Hammond; and The Italian Style and the Period by Francesca Falcone. Discussion by Sandra Noll Hammond and Francesca Falcone; The Artists of 1805: The Theatrical Collaboration of Andersen, Bournonville, and Hartmann by Knud Arne Jürgensen; Bournonville and the Pictorial Arts: Raphael by Ole Nørlyng; The Bournonville Schools: A New Look by Erik Aschengreen, Dinna Bjørn, Thomas Lund, Anne Marie Vessel Schlüter, and Flemming Ryberg; Hans Beck by Knud Arne Jürgensen; Harald Lander, Valborg Borchsenius, and August Bournonville, or How to Behave in Bournonville's World by Erik Aschengreen; The Bournonville Pillow: Hans Brenaa, [End Page 84] Kirsten Ralov, and the Frank Andersen Crew by Anne Middelboe Christensen; Staging Bournonville at Home and Abroad by Tobi Tobias, with Dinna Bjørnand Frank Andersen; Fifty Years of Looking at Bournonville: A Conversationwith Clive Barnes; Working in the House of Bournonville, 1974–2005: A Conversation with John Neumeier; One Out of Many? Bournonville, Paul Taglioni, and the Ballet of the Mid-Nineteenth Century by Gunhild Oberzaucher-Schüller; August Bournonville: Études Chorégraphiques (1848, 1855, 1861) by Knud Arne Jürgensen; and Bournonville in the Twenty-First Century by Monna Dithmer, Frank Andersen, Anne Middelboe Christensen, Nikolaj Hübbe, Thomas Lund, Anna Kisselgoff, and Peter Schaufuss.
Dance Research Journal
Congress on Research in Dance
Editors: Ann Dils and Jill Green
37.1 Summer 2005
Letter to the Editor by Pallabi Chakravorty.
Against Expectations: Trisha Brown and the Avant-garde by Ramsay Burt; A Plurality of Romanticisms: Italian Ballet and the Repertory of Antonio Cortesi and Giovannni Casati by Debra H. Sowell; Marking Time: The British Danseurand the Second World War by Karen Eliot; Limón's La Malinche: Negotiatingthe In-Between by Shelley C. Berg; The Haunting of Bluebeard – While Listening toa Recording of Béla Bartók's Opera 'Duke Bluebeard's Castle' by Karen Mozingo; and Performing One's Age: Cultural Constructions of Aging and Embodiment in Western Theatrical Dancers by Liz Schwaiger.
Tree: Belief/Culture/Balance by Ralph Lemon, by Lisa Kraus; Taken By Surprise: A Dance Improvisation Reader, edited by Ann Cooper Albright and David Gere, by Andrea Olsen; The Work of Dance: Labor, Movement, and Identity in the 1930s by Mark Franko, by Kimerer L. Lamothe; The Black Dancing Body: A Geography From Coon to Cool by Brenda Dixon Gottschild, by Nadine George-Graves; Dancing Revelations: Alvin Ailey's Embodiment of African American Culture by Thomas F. DeFrantz, by Jonathan David Jackson; No Fixed Points: Dance in the Twentieth Century by Nancy Reynolds and Malcolm McCormick, by Shelley C. Berg; Merce Cunningham: The Modernizing of Modern Dance by Roger Copeland, by Janice Ross; and Performance and Evolution in the Age of Darwin: Out of the Natural Order by Jane R. Goodall; Anthropology and the Dance: Ten Lectures by Drid Williams. Foreword by Brenda Farnell; Dancing at the Dawn of Agriculture by Yosef Garfinkel; and Dances of the Tewa Pueblo Indians: Expressions of New Life by Jill D. Sweet, by Anthony Shay. [End Page 85]
Association of Internet Researchers, University of Toronto, October 2003 by...


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