On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. During the aftermath of the storm, hurricane victims were evacuated to over 1,000 evacuation centers in 27 states. Three-hundred and twenty-three evacuees from 220 households were provided housing, food, and medical care at an evacuation center in West Virginia. A needs assessment followed to identify current needs of the evacuees. One-hundred and sixty-four evacuees were interviewed. Twenty-five percent reported an acute illness, while 46% reported having at least one chronic medical condition. The greatest need reported was for dental care (57%), followed by eyeglasses (34%), dentures (28%), and medical services (25%). Two weeks after the hurricane, the basic needs of food, shelter, and hygiene were met. The assessment identified and led to a successful response regarding the ongoing need for durable medical equipment (dentures and eyeglasses), as well as dental care.


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